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Parenthood, pregnancy and family life (PPF) service

At Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street, we understand that starting a family can be exciting and challenging in equal measure. As such, we are committed to offering psychological support and treatment during this significant phase of life, as part of our new parenthood, pregnancy and family life (PPF) service. This service is led by Dr Kathryn Hollins, (Consultant Child, Parent and Family Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist) and Dr Lucinda Green, (Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist), whose joint expertise enables a comprehensive service to be offered to families.

Expert advice

“Parenthood and fertility are important life stages, so being able to access timely support and specialist treatment can transform life for women, men, couples and children. Addressing challenges in a safe and therapeutic environment is key to improving health and strengthening relationships for the whole family.”  

Dr Kathryn Hollins, Consultant Child, Parent and Family Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist at Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street


“For women who have current or previous mental health problems, planning a pregnancy or discovering that they are pregnant can be stressful. It is important that women have specialist advice during this time, for example, to help them to make complex decisions about whether to continue or start medication. Getting expert advice as early as possible, gives women and families time to ensure that they have all of the care and support that they need, in order to stay well and enjoy family life.”

Dr Lucinda Green, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist at Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street

The introduction of our PPF service is timely, as we find that 21st century women,  couples and families are taking mental health and emotional problems that can affect both their own and their children’s lives, increasingly seriously. Harley Street’s PPF service enables mothers and fathers to invest in their families’ current and future health and happiness by accessing expert psychological and psychiatric care, treatment and support, including relationship-based treatments, education, and advice about a range of mental health concerns. Having a baby, even when this is planned, can trigger emotional distress and turmoil when it is least expected; our team can help you to make sense of this, become healthier and build satisfying relationships.

Women who have current or previous mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder and personality disorder, often find it helpful to receive specialist advice in relation to pregnancy. Even if you have been well for a long time, it is important to make sure that you have the right care and treatment so that you stay well during pregnancy and the postnatal period. Our experts are able to offer treatment and support and can help women to make decisions about their care during the pregnancy planning stage, during the pregnancy itself, and after birth.

 The consultation and treatment options that are included within our PPF service consist of:

Preparation for parenthood
+ -
Psychological support for infertility, pregnancy loss, and disability
+ -
Pregnancy planning for women with current or previous mental health problems
+ -
Care and treatment during pregnancy and after birth, for women with current or previous mental health problems
+ -
Support and treatment in the development of early family relationships
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