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The Cottage exclusive private treatment centre in Surrey

The Cottage, located within the grounds of Life Works, is the UK’s most unique and exclusive private treatment centre, providing exceptional support for a wide range of conditions including addictions, depression, anxiety, executive stress and eating disorders. Set within a charming and idyllic Grade II listed house in the tranquil location of Old Woking, Surrey, The Cottage offers high-end, confidential therapy for each client who seeks help with us. We cater for just one client at a time, thus delivering a truly bespoke treatment experience for those requiring a personalised, one-to-one service and the finest mental health care offerings available. The Cottage at Life Works truly does become your home away from home, providing you with complete discretion and privacy, within a calm and relaxing sanctuary. Nowhere else in the UK offers such exceptional quality, luxury, and attention to detail, along with a focus on recovery and positive outcomes.

Our evidence-based treatment programmes, including our comprehensive family programme which has recently been rated as ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), are led by world-renowned mental health experts, consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, mental health nurses and other highly qualified professionals. Our team work together seamlessly to ensure that our clients receive the very best therapy, in a highly supportive and compassionate environment. We believe that addictions, eating disorders and other mental health challenges require a comprehensive approach to treatment that not only focuses on an individual’s psychological difficulties, but also treats the physical, social and spiritual elements of each person. Therefore, all of our treatment programmes are individually tailored and person-centred, enabling us to look at each client as a whole person and deliver a truly bespoke package of care. This personalised and holistic approach, as well as our extensive aftercare planning, empowers you to take steps towards a strong and lasting recovery, and the healthy, happy and fulfilling life that you deserve.

Your Recovery Journey at The Cottage

There are four key steps to receiving exclusive and clinically excellent treatment at The Cottage:

  1. Make the first step towards recovery – contact our bespoke services co-ordinator who will send you our comprehensive information pack, discuss treatment options with you, and provide information on what you can expect from residential treatment at The Cottage.
  2. Initial assessment – our complimentary and completely confidential initial assessment offers you the chance to visit The Cottage to view our beautiful facilities, and allows us to develop a better understanding of your needs, and explore the treatment options that are available. Your initial assessment can also take place via telephone, if this is more convenient for you.
  3. Develop the recovery plan – after your initial assessment, our team will have an understanding of your unique requirements and will work with you to create your recovery plan. We will also work with you to ensure that you have everything that you need for a comfortable and effective stay with us.
  4. Begin exceptional treatment – as we only treat one client at a time, all of our treatment programmes are individually tailored to ensure that your recovery journey is undertaken with minimum impact on any other commitments that you have, and produces the most positive outcomes for you personally.

"I entered The Cottage and within minutes I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. The structure of the programme was tailor made for me and the attention to detail was superb. I always had what I needed to aid in my recovery. The food was exceptional and overall I felt that the experience massively helped me on my road to recovery.”

- Former patient at The Cottage

It is important to understand that without expert support, addictions and other mental health challenges have the potential to become worse over time, and can continue to have a profoundly negative effect on your health, wellbeing and general quality of life. However, these complex conditions are treatable, and the most crucial first step is to seek professional help. At The Cottage, we are committed to providing the absolute best in rehabilitation, treatment and recovery for those who are suffering from addiction or mental health issues. During your individual consultations with your primary specialist, you will be encouraged to explore inner issues and develop healthy coping mechanisms in order to reduce the chances of you returning to destructive behaviour patterns. Contacting us can be the first step towards a truly life-changing experience, in which you are empowered to make a lasting, sustainable recovery.

For more information on the exclusive treatment that you can receive at The Cottage, you can download our dedicated brochure and information sheet.

Quality and regulation

The treatment that we offer at The Cottage is governed by robust regulation and the very highest standards in mental health care, ensuring that the quality of treatment and support that we expect, are delivered. All of our services are regulated by the CQC, which is the independent government regulator that oversees the provision of healthcare in the UK. Our clinical teams undergo regular inspections and have demonstrated a consistently strong track record of clinical quality.

Our commitment to quality, compliance, governance and safety ensures that we continue to operate as one of the leading providers of private addictions and mental health care in Europe, enabling our clients to overcome their mental health concerns and experience lifelong benefits.

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