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Secondary Care at The Elphis

At The Elphis, we understand that the next step in your recovery journey can be daunting, as you reintegrate yourself with friends, family and colleagues. That's why we provide evidence-based therapy and practical support to strengthen the skills and knowledge developed during your initial addiction treatment. We will help you to rebuild your confidence and self-awareness, and develop the resilience and hope that underpins every successful recovery from addiction.

Secondary care might be a natural next step for you, once you have completed an initial 28-day inpatient Addiction Treatment Programme. Your initial treatment doesn't need to have taken place with Priory - we welcome people who have received addiction treatment with other providers. We are committed to helping you to consolidate the skills you learned in addiction treatment, helping you to translate them into your everyday life.

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Supporting you in your recovery journey

With your primary residential addiction treatment programme complete, The Elphis becomes the natural next phase for recapturing hope. At The Elphis you will receive support in:

  • Maintaining your newfound strength within an environment perfectly suited to achieve your ultimate desired outcome
  • Sustaining the progress you have already made with evidence-based therapy, giving you the confidence and renewed optimism to transform the years to come
  • Seeing your purpose with new eyes and setting about realising your full potential

We know that addiction of any type can cause great pain and suffering. Not only for the individual, but also how it brings trauma or anxiety for family and friends too. At the Elphis, we can help you get back to a good place, with both yourself, loved ones and work. We do this by restoring your mind, body and spirit in a safe space, free from judgement.

Your initial addiction treatment programme would have helped you address the root causes of addiction and acquire valuable life skills for the future, but continuing your journey in secondary care is the logical next step to reconciling with yourself and maintaining this progress, all within a safe environment.

“The Elphis provided many tools, resources and experiences fundamental to my ongoing recovery, and has helped assist me with key life skills and to develop further coping mechanisms. The peaceful setting, community feel, continued support of all the staff and variety of the programme has given me the confidence and ability to enjoy a life of fulfilment and freedom from my addictions. I can’t thank the team enough for their help and support. I have made lifelong friends and acquaintances over the course of the treatment.”

- Former client at The Elphis

The Elphis is located in Mill Hill, a suburb in the London Borough of Barnet, around seven miles from Kings Cross, with good transport links across Greater London. We are within walking distance of Mill Hill East station, just 25 minutes from Central London.

It is also in close proximity to local community facilities including shops, a local gym and various wooded areas and cycle paths, to support your health and fitness.

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