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The Elphis is suitable for those who have completed a 28-day addiction treatment programme, either with Priory or another provider, and now wish to enter into secondary care. While most of our residents will have completed inpatient treatment prior to coming to The Elphis, we can also support individuals who have received outpatient or day care addiction treatment, who need more comprehensive care moving forwards. This will be agreed on a case by case basis. We encourage an immediate transition into The Elphis, to help the continuity of your progress and minimise the chance of relapse.

However we understand that this is not always possible. The Elphis is an abstinence-based programme, so for those who may have relapsed, a period of two weeks’ abstinence will be required before entering. Priory can help those wishing to re-enter into primary treatment for a short period of time, to ensure total readiness for secondary care and avoid rushing your recovery process.

You are encouraged to attend a day assessment at The Elphis before your stay. This enables you to see the site, get to know the team and your potential peers, and ask any questions you may have. The team will also take this opportunity to assess your suitability for the programme, ensuring that you will enjoy maximum benefit of all we have to offer. Your family are encouraged to attend too, to facilitate their involvement at every stage of your journey.

Should a day assessment not be possible, a shorter face-to-face assessment, or even a discussion over the phone, can be made available for you.

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