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Introduction to The Elphis

Addiction causes great pain and suffering, impacting both individuals and loved ones.

Residential treatment helps to identify the root causes of addiction and develop crucial life skills. However, the next step to recovery can be daunting. This is where The Elphis comes in, giving much-needed support before returning home. You’ll be part of a community, sharing your journey with others on the same path.

Our ongoing therapy and structured life skills programme supports you with your self-esteem, helping you to manage emotions and building relapse prevention into everyday life. We prepare you for whatever challenges you might face, building a sense of responsibility and independence. Recovery of relationships with loved ones is also important, so we help you reintegrate into the family unit.

We can help you turn your hopes into reality.

Will’s Story

Will undertook secondary care treatment at The Elphis after spending 30 years struggling with addiction. Due to being traumatised in his childhood, which had a huge impact on his self-esteem, he spent a lot of time in and out of primary care. He says The Elphis changed his life after finally helping him to stay sober: "I'm now living a life beyond my wildest dreams".

According to Will, he now wakes up in the morning and has peace of mind, knowing he can get through the day without resorting to drinking alcohol or taking drugs. He says this makes the relationships with his wife and family much more meaningful.

Will loved the supportive nature of The Elphis community, because having his peers around him at all times meant he didn’t have to go through treatment alone. Instead, he had the much-needed support of others sharing and identifying with his experiences.

Katie’s Story

Katie says her addiction involved 17 years of treading water, after first being admitted into primary care at age 11. She now she feels that she has her life back after attending The Elphis.

She puts this down to the clear difference between ‘getting sober and living sober’. As Katie attests, the transition from primary treatment to the real world is a dramatic change, from an isolated bubble back to freedom, with lots of unforeseen challenges. The Elphis allowed Katie to be exposed to these challenges while benefitting from both 24/7 support and a degree of independence.

Katie is grateful to the staff for believing in her and instilling hope for what she could achieve. She says that going to The Elphis was the best decision she ever made.

360 Virtual Tour

The Elphis is Priory Group’s Secondary Addiction Care Service, providing a peaceful, supportive environment to help you into the next phase of your recovery journey. Your surroundings are an extension of your specialist care, with 16 single-occupancy bedrooms, some with en-suite facilities. You can benefit from much-needed relaxation in our comfortable lounge areas, one of which is female-only, as well as our games room.

There are two fully-equipped kitchens and dining areas, to enjoy mealtimes with fellow residents. We also have beautiful landscaped gardens to help you unwind outdoors in a tranquil setting.

Look around The Elphis in our virtual tour, and see where we turn hopes into reality.

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