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East Ardsley care home rated ‘Outstanding’ by independent regulator

  • Care Quality Commission rates Woodhouse Cottage ‘Outstanding’
  • Care home praised for providing person-centred care where the residents have a big say over how they live their lives
  • The home is rated ‘Outstanding’ overall, and in the categories ‘caring’ and ‘responsive’

Woodhouse Cottage care home in East Ardsley near Wakefield town centre has achieved the coveted ‘Outstanding’ rating from health and social care regulator The Care Quality Commission. The home provides support for up to six adults with autism and complex needs.

CQC inspectors visited the home unannounced on the 25th and 30th November 2021, and praised the “exceptionally person-centred care” they saw. People staying at Woodhouse Cottage can take part in a range of activities including going swimming, visiting the cinema and going shopping. Residents help organise day trips to empower them to have belief in their potential.

Person-centred care means giving people and their families a significant role in decisions about their care, to make sure it meets their needs. It is recognised as vital way of improving the experience people have during their time in care.

Involving people in their care is always important but the pandemic, which placed severe restrictions on the activities residents could take part in, made the task even more vital. The CQC’s most recent report on the state of health care and adult social care in England said; “Holistic, person-centred care has always been important, but during the pandemic it has become even more critical as adult social care staff have taken an even bigger role in the lives of people in their care during periods of lockdown.

Inspectors at Woodhouse Cottage were impressed by the extent to which staff at the home involved the residents in their care. They said “people were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests.” The home was rated ‘Outstanding’ on the CQC categories of ‘caring’ and ‘responsive’.

Staff at the home were praised by the inspectors for being “highly motivated and committed

to ensuring people were treated well.” The CQC “observed kind and caring interactions taking place throughout the day.

Claire Murphy, the Manager at Woodhouse Cottage, said; “For over two years we worked on projects chosen by the service user group that would contribute towards enabling a more meaningful life. It was amazing to see people achieve life-changing outcomes that were directed by them with support from a team that were as equally enthusiastic. Being a part of this has to be the most rewarding part of the job.”

Priory CEO Rebekah Cresswell said; ““I’m delighted that the hard work of the staff at Woodhouse cottage has been recognised. Providing high-quality person-centred care for the people we look after is so important for their wellbeing, and the CQC rating shows just how well Woodhouse Cottage delivers it. Last year, I was proud to have a virtual meeting with one of the service users there who had been empowered to write and publish his own cookbook, which was a passion of his. We look forward to continuing this excellent work in the future.”

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