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Two Priory clinicians appointed to National Advisory Committees at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Two leading clinicians from Priory have taken up key positions on national advisory committees at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Saladin Mohammed, Ward Manager from Priory Hospital Burgess Hill, has become a member of the National Royal College of Psychiatrists Quality Network for Working Age Adults (QNWA) Advisory Group, which sets the quality standards for adult inpatient mental health care and is now qualified as QNWA peer reviewer.

Dr Nayiri Sahakian, Specialty Doctor at Priory North London, has become a committee member for the Royal College of Psychiatrists Specialty Doctors and Associate Specialist Committee, which supports SAS career development. 

Both committees show how Priory, as an independent provider to the NHS, is working with national bodies and using its expertise to actively improve the quality of care for NHS patients and the UK public.

Saladin Mohammed trained as a mental health nurse in Trinidad and Tobago and joined Priory in 2010. Over the last 11 years he has consistently demonstrated expertise and innovation in his field, and successfully held posts including HDU Manager, Lead Nurse, Registered Manager and, since January this year, Acute Ward Manager at Priory Hospital Burgess Hill.

Talking about his new appointment, he said: “This is the first time a clinician from the independent sector has been on this advisory board so I am really proud, and it is a great opportunity to directly influence policy, look more closely at the way care is delivered and complete peer reviews where I will be making recommendations that have an impact on the quality of care across my sector.”
Dr Sahakian completed her psychiatry training in Lebanon – a five-year residency programme that led to a degree in general psychiatry in 2016. She came to the UK as part of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ MTI programme and worked at a CT3 level with Leicestershire Partnership NHS trust from 2016 to 2018. Since then, Dr Sahakian has been working as a Specialty Doctor, firstly in a female dialectical behaviour therapy service, then with Priory at Kneesworth House Hospital in a female PICU and, more recently, Priory North London.

SAS doctors see a large number of patients and often stay in clinical teams for a long time, providing genuine continuity of care for patients and service users. Speaking of her role, Dr Sahakian said: “I am very passionate about supporting Specialty Doctors (SDs) and assuring they have access to appropriate opportunities for professional and personal development. 

“As the acute and PICU Specialist Doctor Lead at Priory and member of the Specialty Doctor Committee, I am delighted to join the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ national committee and I am looking forward to supporting SAS doctors to achieve a rewarding career and to ensuring their voices are heard.”

Executive Medical Director Adrian Cree, said: “Both of these appointments are a fantastic opportunity for our experts to have an impact on their professions at a national level. As an independent provider working in partnership with the NHS, we welcome the chance to collaborate with clinicians across our sector and to have an impact on quality standards for patients and career development for staff.”

Saladin Mohammad was appointed in May 2022 and Dr Sahakian in July 2022.

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