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Avoidant personality disorder, which is also known as ‘anxious personality disorder’, is characterised by individuals trying to avoid situations where they have to spend time with other people. You may find that you constantly worry about being rejected by other people in social settings, and may be overly sensitive to criticism or the disapproval of others. Avoidant personality disorder may also make you feel as though you are inferior to others, which can prevent you from forming and maintaining relationships with other people, through fear of being ridiculed or rejected.

Symptoms of avoidant personality disorder include:

  • Avoiding social situations or contact with others
  • Having an obsession and overwhelming fear of being criticised, rejected or ridiculed
  • Feelings of inferiority, or as though no-one will want to talk to you, meaning that you are often quiet, shy and inhibited in social situations
  • Worrying that you may cry, blush or do something wrong in social situations
  • Unwilling to try new things for fear of being embarrassed in front of other people
  • Often has no close friends

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