My Possible Self: a mental health support app

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My Possible Self is the mental health app designed with you in mind. Combining the technical know-how of the My Possible Self team, and the expertise of Priory, the app offers a wide range of interactive tools and techniques which have been carefully created and customised for digital use.

What is My Possible Self?

My Possible Self is a mental health app, optimised for a seamless, personalised self-help experience that you can conveniently fit into your daily routine. This includes a customised version of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a leading treatment method, for digital use. Enjoy engaging animations, be inspired by informative graphics and explore innovative ideas. Here are just a few:

  • Toolkits - identify behaviours and monitor progress
  • Tags - recognise the activities, people and places that influence your mood
  • Mood trackers - record how you feel and understand your moods
  • Visual and audio exercises - boost your mood, relax your mind or drift off to sleep
  • Insights - understand yourself better and do more of the things you like
  • Journals - record worries, emotions and actions in the moment
  • Nutrition, hydration and physical activity guidelinesexercise videoslifestyle quizzes and logs - make lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing
  • Motivational messages and tips - encouraging you every step of the way

You can use each of the tools separately or in combination with one another.

An introduction to My Possible Self

What are the benefits of using a mental health app?

There is clear scientific evidence that the activities and exercises in the toolkit can be highly effective in improving your wellbeing. The more time you invest in them, the more rewarded and motivated you'll feel.

In short, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out! We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

To help support our patients whilst undergoing mental health treatment, Priory is offering free access to the premium version of the My Possible Self app.

Getting started

It's really easy to start your journey to becoming your best possible self. Just follow the steps below, and then you can log in to the app. Begin by downloading the app through the following links:

  • Available on the Apple App Store
  • Or get it on the Google Play Store
  • If you’d prefer to use the programme from your  desktop, follow this link
  • Once downloaded, click ‘sign up for free’, followed by ‘sign up’
  • Enter your email address and a password of your choice
  • Enter the organisation code provided by Priory (please speak to your site team, if you need your code sent to you)
  • Accept the data protection and terms and conditions and press 'continue'

After logging in, you can start to explore all of My Possible Self’s features. You'll see the main homepage, which contains some navigation options, mood tracking, the lifestyle questionnaire, blogs and quotes.

At the bottom of the page in the app, or the top of the page in the desktop programme, you’ll notice a set of icons. You can navigate back to the homepage at any time by clicking the house icon in the app, or, if you’re using a desktop, the My Possible Self logo.

Take the lifestyle questionnaire

A good place to start is our questionnaire. This will help you to decide which areas of your life you may want to focus on improving. To start the questionnaire, tap the tile on the homepage that reads ‘take the lifestyle quiz for recommendations’.

The questionnaire takes just a few minutes to complete. Based on your responses, you’ll be given some suggestions of health and lifestyle areas to work on.

Mood tracker

You'll find the mood tracker in the homepage of the app. Once you open the mood tracker, you'll see several moods to choose from. Once you've selected a mood, you'll be prompted to dig a little deeper into your current state. The app will then present various questions to help enhance your self-awareness. These include the following:

  • How are you feeling?
  • What are you doing?
  • Who are you with?
  • Where are you?
  • Would you like to elaborate on what is happening?

Along with your typed answers, you can attach images to your response. Once you've completed this, you'll then see your mood entry on the homepage of the app, within the mood history.

Guided series

Our guided series are designed to help you learn new skills and techniques for taking control of your thoughts and feelings, enhancing your mental health and improving your physical wellbeing.

With your input, this will be a rewarding educational experience completely tailored around you and your needs. This element of personalisation means you get optimal results, which you’ll start to notice almost immediately.

You'll find all eight guided series in the ‘series’ section of the app.  These include the following:

  • Sleeping well
  • Overcoming my anxiety
  • Eating healthily and staying hydrated
  • Keeping active
  • Tackling my depression
  • Managing my stress
  • Drinking safely
  • Gambling safely

If you're unsure on which guided series to choose, each one has an introduction video to help you explore its key content and benefits.

Every session has various questionnaires, videos, audio and activities to help you stay engaged with each particular topic. You’ll be able to deepen your understanding from an inspiring combination of interactive and informational content.

You may wish to work through the guided series using the mood tracker; this is optional, so the choice is yours. If you do want to use these two features side by side, you'll gain even more by having a clear picture of your progress as you go along.


We have created this toolkit so that you can easily find our logs, mood tracker, exercises, audio and sleep monitoring. This will then help you to identify behaviours and monitor your progress. You can filter the toolkit down to the guided series you're working through, by clicking the different sections at the top of the page. The entire content of the toolkit is grounded in tried-and-tested scientific research. The more time you spend using them, the better your results will be.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about My Possible Self.

What is the My Possible Self platform?

The My Possible Self platform, available on both mobile and desktop (on all iOS and Android™ devices and all web browsers), is a collection of processes designed to help improve various aspects of your mental wellbeing.

Why do you need my email address?

There are a number of reasons why your email address is required to register:

  • Password reset emails
  • Account validation
  • Payment confirmation or related payment issues
  • To inform you about any significant changes to either the terms and conditions, our privacy policy, or our terms to supply policy
  • To notify you of any changes to the amount we will charge you
  • Special offers and marketing updates (which require marketing opt-in from you)
  • Any notifications as required by GDPR

How safe is my data?

Any data you enter into the app is backed up to the My Possible Self servers. This means you can open the app in any web browser, or on a different device, and continue with the My Possible Self process. All data is encrypted before it is stored, and only decrypted when it is requested by your phone or browser.

Can anyone else read my data that is backed up in your servers?

The only time your data is decrypted is when your device or web-browser requests it. No-one at My Possible Self can decrypt your data.

I've forgotten my password – how do I update it?

When you attempt to log in, you will see a forgotten password option. Select this and we will email you instructions on how to reset your password.

What should I do if I find the application is not working correctly?

As with all technical issues with our platform, please email [email protected]. Please send details of the issue, the device you're using (or browser if using the desktop version) and, if possible, screenshots of the issue. We cannot guarantee a direct reply to your support case, but we will prioritise issues and provide updates when we can. Please do not contact this email address with details of mental health issues or requests for personal support, as we cannot answer emails containing anything relating to your mental health.

For your own safety and confidentiality, please contact a medical health professional or speak to someone you trust if you're worried about your current wellbeing. My Possible Self is not intended for people in an emergency, as you will be better supported by other dedicated services in this situation. If you are in a life-threatening crisis, please immediately dial 999 or go to your nearest A&E department.

Managing your subscription from multiple platforms (iOS, Android)

For iTunes and Google Play subscriptions, you can only manage your subscription from a device that's signed into the iTunes or Google Play account you used when you registered.

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