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Better Together

We are proud to have launched our first ever Priory podcast, Better Together.

As the leading independent provider of mental health services in the UK, our core aim is to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of safety, quality, care and treatment for the people that we support. So how do we do this? What does it look like?

Better Together focuses on all things mental health. We’ll be speaking to a diverse group of people, ranging from mental health experts to service users themselves, covering everything from innovative practice, health and safety, inspections, and much more - ultimately exploring how we can work together to deliver the best possible mental health support for those in our care.

Better Together Podcast

You can click below to listen to the latest episode of Better Together, entitled ‘What makes an outstanding hospital?’

In this episode, Priory’s Director of Quality for Healthcare, Natasha Sloman, is joined by Professor Sir Mike Richards, former CQC Chief Inspector of Hospitals, and Paul Pritchard, one of Priory’s Managing Directors. We’ll be talking about what makes an ‘outstanding’ hospital and Priory’s approach to enabling ‘outstanding’ services.’

Previous Episodes

You can click on the link below to listen to the Better Together podcast trailer.


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