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We continually seek feedback from our Recovery College participants in terms of what they found to be effective and the courses that they enjoyed the most. Read what our patients have to say below:

Easy cooking


“I can use these skills when I move on.”

Car Valeting


“[I] enjoy learning new skills [and] feel a sense of pride having a job to help the clinic. It can be cold and tiring but [I] feel a sense of achievement.”

“I like having a job and helping out – it makes me feel proud and allows me to learn new skills.”

Shop Manager


“Enjoys having an important role and being able to help shop assistants. Appreciates support with counting and writing and feels more confident. Appreciates staff helping him to count his own way without using a calculator.”



“Likes having a variety of walking routes. Enjoys getting off the ward for peace and quiet and having the opportunity to speak to people from different wards to talk about different things. Feels good about himself when he is the fastest walker and at the front of the group.”



“Enjoys a variety of activities, likes having the opportunity to keep fit and mix with different patients. Enjoys having the opportunity to have a laugh with the group in a playful, competitive way.”

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