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We continually seek feedback from our Recovery College participants in terms of what they found to be effective, and the ways in which we could improve.

Read what our patients have to say below:

Service users stated that the Recovery College courses were “interesting”, “good” and “very helpful”.


“The facilitators are good. They listen.”


“I feel [the courses] are going well! Can we do a course about different mental illnesses?”


“I am learning about social networks and benefits.”


“[The facilitators] are good, very good.”

In addition, our Recovery College facilitators have received feedback from other professionals within the hospital on the work they do:

“The Recovery College is there to make you feel more confident in the self-management of your own mental health and wellbeing.”


“Service users tell me that the time flies by.”


“The Recovery College gives our patients the opportunity to take control of their recovery journey and their wellbeing, supporting progress as they hope to see it.”

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