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Priory Hospital Lincolnshire’s Recovery College is led by our dedicated occupational therapy, recovery and planning teams. Our occupational therapy department co-ordinate the Recovery College, supported by our recovery workers and staff from all departments, including nurses, social workers, admin staff, training, housekeeping and catering. Patients are also offered the opportunity to run workshops.

The occupational therapy team

Our occupational therapy team consists of an occupational therapist and two technical instructors. As well as co-ordinating the Recovery College, the occupational therapy team provide therapeutic groups and interventions across all of our wards.

The recovery workers

Our recovery workers run activities on the ward which complement the therapy programme, and are fun and enjoyable. They also encourage patients to plan their days.

The planning group

Once each term, the planning group meets. The group is made up of people who run and attend the Recovery College. At this meeting, we decide on the format that our classes will take and what will be included.

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