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Now open – Priory Hospital Malvern

At the foot of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, Priory Hospital Malvern is a 25-bedded rehabilitation and recovery service for males presenting with mental illnesses and complex needs, along with behaviours that challenge.

The service is therapeutically focused and centres on developing patients' skills for independence. We support them to learn effective ways of managing their condition, with a focus on relapse prevention and with the end goal of a stepdown in their care pathway.

Priory Hospital Malvern also provides a stepdown from secure services, for male patients who are on their pathway back into the community. We also provide a service for males whose community placement may be breaking down and who require transitional support and a short hospital admission in order to stabilise behaviours.

Service overview

We work with patients by helping them to learn and develop new skills that positively impact on their responses to anxiety and distress.

Patients have access to a full programme of on-site activities. There is also established links with local amenities to provide vocational opportunities, with a focus on maximising rehabilitation potential and meaningful leave.

We encourage patients to be actively involved in hospital developments by attending regular community meetings and taking part in patient projects such as environmental work, which enhance and empower the overall patient experience.

There is a full therapy programme available, including a strong focus on helping patients develop daily living skills and medication management. This approach is led by an experienced multidisciplinary team (MDT), including consultant psychiatry and therapy (encompassing occupational therapy and nursing).   

Referrals and admissions

We are happy to accept referrals for patients who meet the following criteria:

  • Males aged 18 years and over
  • Those who have a primary mental health diagnosis
  • Informal or detained under the Mental Health Act
  • Severe, complex and enduring mental health issues which might include treatment-resistant conditions
  • May have challenging behaviour, substance misuse and borderline learning disability
  • May have a history of disengagement and non-adherence with other services

We accept referrals from medium and low secure services, acute wards, out-of-area services, other rehabilitation services or from within the community.

If you have any questions regarding Priory Hospital Malvern, please contact the site’s service development manager by clicking here.

Enquiries and Referrals

For further information on Priory services offered to the NHS, or to make a referral, please call our dedicated 24/7 customer service centre on 0800 090 1356. Alternatively, click here to submit an enquiry form

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Priory is ready to take emergency placements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for adult acute mental health, adult eating disorders, CAMHS and PICU. To make a referral please call us on

0800 090 1356
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