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Mill Garth Hospital is a 21-bedded high dependency rehabilitation unit, suitable for males aged 18 years and over. The hospital focuses on active rehabilitation and recovery for those with a range of mental health disorders.

We believe that anyone with a mental health condition should be given the best chance possible to lead a happy and fulfilling life, and our aim is to provide individuals with the confidence and skills to move or return to the community.

Our approach

Our team includes a consultant, ward manager, deputy ward manager, therapists, senior staff nurses, staff nurses and health care workers. We all adopt an integrated treatment approach and our care plans are developed alongside the patient. We encourage patients to be a part of the decisions that are made for their treatment and recovery and these are appraised within the patient review meetings. Alongside this, all patients’ recovery pathways are reviewed and discussed regularly with their primary nurses. This enables a collaborative approach to help support the patient in achieving their identified goals and which embeds itself within the overall recovery-focused methodology.

Every patient is supported to develop a structured week, which includes a range of therapeutic and activity sessions. Psychological therapies are offered according to the individual’s presentation, with the aim of addressing any outstanding needs and developing coping skills that prepare them for a safe and successful transition beyond Mill Garth and, where possible, into the community. 

Occupational therapy programme

Senior occupational therapist, Katie Lunn and hospital director Claire Carroll, discuss the initiatives the occupational therapy (OT) and wider team have developed and what this means for patient outcomes.

Katie explains: “By supporting with self-care, productivity and leisure we are addressing all aspects of a person’s life. We are looking at them in a very holistic manner. We help them to develop skills in the areas where they need support, to not only help them with their independence while they are here with us at Mill Garth, but importantly so these skills can be taken with them back into the community.”

Focus on Safety

Our absolute priority is to make sure we operate safe and effective services 24/7 and that all staff understand what is required of them to make that happen. Click here to read more.

The environment

Situated in the Meanwood area of Leeds, we are just two miles north of Leeds city centre, which allows for easy access to a vibrant community with useful amenities that our patients can enjoy. The hospital provides a safe, friendly and welcoming environment that is ideal for building therapeutic and trusting relationships, to promote rehabilitation.

Our homely setting provides a range of facilities that include:

  • En-suite bedrooms, including safer rooms
  • A rehabilitation kitchen
  • On-site gym
  • Patient-led café
  • A large and relaxing lounge area
  • Communal areas with pool tables
  • A spacious garden

These facilities encourage real working and vocational opportunities and allow for group sessions such as cooking groups and walking groups.

The team
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Referrals and admissions
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Enquiries and Referrals

For further information on Priory services offered to the NHS, or to make a referral, please call our dedicated 24/7 customer service centre on 0800 090 1356. Alternatively, click here to submit an enquiry form

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Priory is ready to take emergency placements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for adult acute mental health, adult eating disorders, CAMHS and PICU. To make a referral please call us on

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