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Suttons Manor’s Recovery College is facilitated and run by four key members of our dedicated staff team:

Keith Chester

Keith is a senior occupational therapist at Suttons Manor. He first joined Suttons Manor in 2004 as a healthcare assistant before accepting a post as an activity coordinator. He then attended the University of Essex and obtained a degree in occupational therapy.

Keith’s role as the senior occupational therapist is to work with the multidisciplinary team in planning meaningful and purposeful therapeutic engagement, with the aim of maximising patients’ life and rehabilitation.

As well as his role as Suttons Manor’s senior occupational therapist, Keith is also the lead for our Recovery College programme which offers patients a range of course that they have identified as being interesting, important and useful to them. Overall, Keith has a passion for helping patients to regain a sense of belonging and purpose.

Ashley Marshall

Ashley has been working at Suttons Manor for just over two years. She is trained as an integrative psychologist and is currently completing a master’s degree. Ashley is involved in providing one-to-one psychology sessions for service users and also co-facilitates a reminiscence therapy group for individuals with dementia.

Ashley is passionate about delivering interactive and stimulating groups for the service users to enjoy. She often uses replica packs from the war and plays service users’ old favourites on the record player. She is also committed to starting new groups for service users based on their interests and needs.

Heidi Jones

Heidi has been working at Suttons Manor for nearly four years. She is currently taking a break from her university studies, but when she returns, she will be entering the final year of her master’s degree in forensic psychology and crime. Heidi provides one-to-one psychology sessions to service users and helps to co-facilitate the reminiscence therapy group alongside Ashley.

In conjunction with the replica packs and records that are used within the groups at Suttons Manor, Heidi is also committed to making the sessions as sensory as possible, and helps to facilitate sessions whereby service users are able to utilise their senses of taste and smell to elicit memories.

Catherine Stobbs

Catherine is the physical health nurse at Suttons Manor. She is responsible for monitoring the physical health of all service users, and works closely with the GP service that Suttons Manor is registered with, as well as liaising as appropriate with hospitals. She is an adult trained nurse with a previous background of working in various general hospital roles.

Catherine monitors and undertakes regular blood tests in relation to any medical conditions that a patient may have or medication that they’re taking, as well as for general annual health checks. She also regularly updates physical health care plans and collaborative physical health assessments.

Catherine works closely with the dietitian who attends Suttons Manor on a monthly basis to monitor service users’ body mass index (BMI), and encourage healthy lifestyle and diet choices. She also helps to promote exercise through initiatives such as the walking group.

Lastly, Catherine is also committed to educating patients on their physical health conditions, and discusses preventative actions that could reduce the risk of other conditions developing.

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