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Llanarth Court Service User Feedback

We continually seek feedback from our Recovery College participants in terms of what they found to be effective, and the courses that they enjoyed the most. Read what our patients have to say below:

Jewellery making


“I look forward to volunteering at Cardiff Dogs Home every week. It makes me feel nice because I’m doing something for someone else, rather than myself.”

“[The] facilitator was really good and understanding.”

“[It helped with] developing concentration skills and understanding…gaining courage and confidence to know what the instructors mean.”

“I have developed my skills in jewellery making and have won the trust of my team to be responsible for more risk items.”

“I can now do this activity in my room and have sold my jewellery at the charity events in the hospital.”

Online shopping


“It helps me to concentrate when I’m looking for things.”

“Tells you how much you’re spending!”

Learning to run a small business - Lakeside Cafe vocational jobs


“I have worked in the Lakeside Café and I have presented at the staff inductions. This has increased my confidence and ability to speak in front of others.”

“I love the social aspect of working at the coffee shop and have made new friends.”

“My job gives me routine and purpose to my day.”

“The most rewarding aspects of my vocational job at the Lakeside Café were developing my customer service skills and getting my food hygiene knowledge and certificate.”

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