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Welcome to the Mildmay Oaks Recovery College. We hope you find this prospectus helpful and can find a course that is suited to you.

Our team will work with you to develop the skills needed for you to thrive in the community through individual goal setting.

What does recovery mean?

We use the term ‘recovery’ to describe your personal journey and life experience as an individual working towards having a meaningful and satisfying life.

What is a Recovery College?

A Recovery College is a course of workshops, which aim to increase awareness and understanding of recovery and what it means to that person.

Courses aim to improve health and wellbeing and provide education and skills development opportunities through workshops on a range of subjects.

Courses are developed and delivered by people with life experience of mental illness, physical illness or learning disabilities, alongside health professionals.

Mildmay Oaks Recovery College

The Mildmay Oaks Recovery College is for people who currently reside at Mildmay Oaks.

We want the service to be inclusive, ensuring that our students are a part of the recovery planning meetings at our college.

This means that we value your opinions and encourage your full participation in the process of organising and co-ordinating the Recovery College.

Our aims

  • To support students to understand the principles and journey of recovery
  • To work together to develop a programme of recovery-focused workshops
  • To enable students to work towards a meaningful and satisfying life
  • To learn through education and skills development opportunities

Our objectives

  • To increase students’ understanding of the principles of recovery and what recovery means to them as individuals
  • For students to co-devise and co-deliver recovery workshops
  • For students to work as a group to promote a shared understanding and exchange of skills and ideas
  • Use workshops to increase students’ levels of self-management and coping in relation to their recovery goals

How we work

  • Our sessions will run weekly and on time
  • Use our strengths and share our ideas
  • Group members will listen to and be respectful of each other
  • Try your best, whether you are helping or learning
  • Give you easy-read work books if you need them
  • Give help when asked

Mildmay Oaks Recovery College courses

We offer the following courses as part of our Recovery College at Mildmay Oaks:


What is recovery?
+ -
Recovery through activity!
+ -
Life beyond the PlayStation
+ -
Sleep hygiene
+ -

Healthy Living

Oral hygiene
+ -
Male self-care
+ -
+ -
Calories, calories, calories
+ -
+ -


House health
+ -
Ready for work
+ -
CV and work applications
+ -
Interview workshop
+ -

For more information on our Recovery College courses, you can download a copy of our detailed prospectus.

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