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CF24 3SL
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Princes Street is an enhanced community home which provides community focused rehabilitation for adults with either a primary diagnosis of mental illness and/or an associated learning disability. The home is ideally located for safe, structured and gradual reintegration into the community, along with good transports links to Cardiff city centre.

The aim of the home is to provide a transition from a more secure environment to a community placement. The support team will work with the individual to enable them to move into either supported living or more independent accommodation.

Focus on Safety

Our absolute priority is to make sure we operate safe and effective services 24/7 and that all staff understand what is required of them to make that happen. Click here to read more.

Our approach

Princes Street provides a wide range of person-centred activities, both within the home and at external venues. A well-established day care programme is operational, with individuals involved in training for daily living skills including cooking, washing and other domestic chores, arts and crafts and gardening.

Princes Street liaises with families, community organisations, social services departments and purchasing authorities to support person-centred care planning, and ensures that the social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of all individuals are taken into account.

Other elements of the service include:

  • Initial assessment which takes place within two working days of a referral being made
  • Care planning formulation
  • Support with recognising, identifying and achieving goals and ambitions
  • Regular planning reviews
  • Care and Treatment Planning (CTP) review meetings
  • Risk assessments carried out and reviewed on a monthly basis or when required
  • Recreational and social activities such as cinema visits, day trips and outings

Quality and safety:

  • Registered under the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)
  • Manager registered with Social Care Wales
  • Regular audits are carried out to ensure high quality of service is maintained
  • Independent advocacy is provided and is accessible on a regular basis

Learning Disability and Autism Programme (LDAP)

As a specialist rehabilitation and recovery service, Priory Avalon also supports the LDAP Agenda. To learn more, please click here to read our full Learning Disability and Autism Programme (LDAP) guide.

The team
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Referrals and admissions
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Enquiries and Referrals

For further information on Priory services offered to the NHS, or to make a referral, please call our dedicated 24/7 customer service centre on 0800 090 1356. Alternatively, click here to submit an enquiry form

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NHS 24/7 Emergency Placements

Priory is ready to take emergency placements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for adult acute mental health, adult eating disorders, CAMHS and PICU. To make a referral please call us on

0800 090 1356
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