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What is a Recovery College?

A Recovery College is a place that provides a range of courses which help students to make the most of the skills they already have. It aims to help students achieve their own goals, providing them with a choice of courses which suit them. All courses are voluntary so you decide which you wish to enrol onto. They are co-written and co-delivered so you get the best combination of lived experience and professional knowledge.

All courses are designed to be more informal than a normal college and we respect the fact that we all have good and bad days, but we would encourage you to attend all the course you sign up for. Although we are called a ‘college’, we are not a substitute for mainstream education but more of a platform to help you on your way to the world of work and education in the community.

How do I enrol?

Once you have found a course which you would like to attend, you must fill out one of the enrolment forms which can be obtained from the Recovery College open day. Alternatively, you can speak to your occupational therapist who will be able to get you an enrolment form and support you to fill it out.

Forms must then be posted back into the Recovery College for you to be enrolled onto a course.

There will be regular open days at the college for you to come and have a look at what’s on offer or to get support in making your choices and filling out the enrolment forms!

Individual learning plan

When you start each course, you will have support to set yourself some goals for the upcoming term. This helps both you and the tutor to work together to identify your learning aims and help you to get the most out of your chosen course. Some learning plans may be more detailed than others depending on the duration of the course.

Confidentiality and data protection

Any external tutors coming into the Recovery College (people who do not work for Priory) will not have access to student information or students’ health records. When external tutors are involved in the Recovery College, the escorting staff members will document in the students’ notes about their attendance/engagement in the session.

Information shared during courses may be documented in a student’s care not, especially if the information could potentially cause risk.

In line with the Data Protection Act (1988), any student may request to view information help about them and should follow the hospital procedure already in place to do this.

Stockton Hall Recovery College courses

We offer the following courses as part of our Recovery College at Stockton Hall:

Uke can do it
+ -
Line dancing
+ -
Job Skills
+ -
Mindfulness origami
+ -
+ -
TED Talks
+ -
Art attack
+ -
React to film
+ -
+ -
A picture of health
+ -

We also offer a number of pop-up courses at Stockton Hall, including:

  • Spinning
  • ‘Boom boom shake shake the room’ percussion group
  • Boardgames

If you think of something you would like to learn about which isn’t in this booklet then please come and speak to a member of staff and we will look into either trying it next term or creating a pop-up workshop.

If you have something you think others would be interested in, a hobby or a skill, and you would like to share your knowledge, come and have a chat with Scott Atkinson about how you could use the Recovery College to do this.

Pop-up workshops will be available for you to attend throughout the term and holidays. Just keep your eyes open in the Recovery College newsletter for details.

For more information on our Recovery College courses, you can download a copy of our detailed prospectus.

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