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Ty Cwm Rhondda is an independent low secure hospital located in Ystrad, Rhondda Valleys. We are a 20-bedded facility, offering high quality assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services for males with complex mental health needs, serious mental illnesses including treatment-resistant presentations, and challenging behaviour.

Our treatment is based upon an individual’s needs rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We focus our care on recovery and building resilience, not just on treating or managing symptoms.

We seek to work with individuals to stabilise their mental health and behaviours with the aim of maximising independence and promoting reintegration into the community at the earliest opportunity.

Our approach

Our 12-week care planning process supports patients to prioritise their goals and formulate treatment plans to meet their individual needs and recovery. Care planning is being developed further to adopt a positive behaviour support model, helping patients to gain more insight and recognise triggers for their behaviours with the aim of managing these more effectively.

We expect continued involvement and engagement with local services at every stage of the patient’s pathway. This is particularly important in relation to risk reduction, rehabilitation, social integration and discharge planning.

Our psychologically informed, clinically directed services are designed to address the individual’s needs and also include:

  • Nursing intervention and care planning
  • Group therapy and activities
  • Psychological interventions
  • Individual 1:1 interventions
  • Pharmacological interventions as required
  • Family support where appropriate
  • Education around psychoses and substance abuse
  • Addressing basic educational needs
  • Relapse prevention planning in partnership with the referring team and the individual

Ty Cwm Rhondda’s Recovery College

We deliver a wide range of interventions intended to support, educate and rehabilitate the individual. We have a diverse professional population who use their varied skills in innovative and evidence-based interventions.

Overall, our Recovery College aims to provide further opportunities for patients to improve their wellbeing through education and skills development workshops.

You can explore this section for more information on our Recovery College.


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