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Ty Cwm Rhondda Service User Feedback

We continually seek feedback from our Recovery College participants in terms of what they found to be effective, and the ways in which we could improve. Read what our patients have to say below:

“I help in the gardening by weeding and planting. I like being involved.”


“I learnt how to use the till and how to run a shop. I have also taught others to use the till.”

“I enjoy retail. I like working on the till; it helps me with my maths.”


“I feel really good about the unit shop. I think it will help me with my maths and confidence.”


“I enjoy relaxation classes. I always did them in the past. They are very helpful if you feel stressed.”


“I really enjoy the relaxation classes; they are really helpful. I would like them to be longer.”


“I think Mission Fit is good for my body and my mind and keeps me fit and healthy.”


“I learnt how to fill in forms and to try not to panic.”

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