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Priory’s rehabilitation and recovery services

Priory provides comprehensive rehabilitation services for people with complex mental health needs. We align our services with the recommendations of the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health, ensuring our patients are given the highest quality care to enable an appropriate transition back home or into community services, wherever possible. Priory specialises in behavioural support for people needing services within a broader, but focused pathway of care. Our nationwide network of specialist rehabilitation facilities provides support within the following specialisms:

  • High dependency rehabilitation units (including longer-term placements)
  • Autism and learning disabilities 
  • Personality disorders
  • Neuropsychiatry, older adults and dementia
  • Transitional Living Services for Young People and Young adults
  • Community focused rehabilitation
  • Bespoke therapeutic placements

Our outcomes

You can view our outcomes and achievements in the latest Quality Accounts.

Service overview

  • Our key aims are to reduce or end negative behaviours, manage risk and work towards discharge from the point of assessment, where appropriate
  • Our wide range of services can support short-term admissions, if required, into higher dependency services, to avoid prolonged stays in acute services
  • A diverse range of therapies including, but not limited to, psycho-education, cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies (CBT and DBT), art therapy and daily living skills programmes
  • Expert multidisciplinary teams support all our services
  • Priory is a trusted partner of the NHS in delivering clinically effective, evidence-based treatment programmes
  • We work closely with commissioners to create flexible and bespoke packages of care to best support individual needs

Our approach

Mental health

For patients with severe and enduring mental health issues, we provide a service which is structured to support people on their journey towards increased independence and the highest quality of life possible.

Our step-down facilities are suitable for patients who need active rehabilitation, ongoing care, and treatment in safe and comfortable environments.

For full details on this service, please visit our high dependency rehabilitation page.

Learning disabilities and autism

These services support individuals with a learning disability or autism, through a tailored multidisciplinary team approach.  The teams provide expert treatment and support through bespoke therapeutic placements. These programmes enable people in our care to work towards developing or re-developing social, educational and vocational skills, to help them progress to a more positive future or, where possible, successful independent living.

For full details on this service, please visit our learning disabilities and autism page.

Personality disorders

We provide specialist DBT treatment programmes for those living with a personality disorder. Our services provide individuals with new coping skills and, through the use of evidence-based therapies such as DBT, enable those accessing our care to fully engage with therapy and move forward with their lives. Priory provides a safe but welcoming personality disorder service in a number of locations.

You can visit our personality disorders page to read more about these services, including details of the programmes of care offered and desired aims for our patients.

Neuropsychiatry, older adults and dementia

Priory provides a service for those experiencing neuropsychiatric conditions, including dementia, Korsakoff syndrome and Huntington’s disease. We can offer support at a number of stages on a patient’s journey, from assessment and treatment through to rehabilitation. A number of our services also offer end-of-life care and support.

Priory provides care in appropriate, safe and comfortable settings, in order to maximise functioning and reduce distress. Priory can also support physical disabilities and other co-morbidities through its bespoke packages of care.

For more information on these services, please view our dedicated neuropsychiatry older age and dementia page.

Transitional living services for young people and young adults

Priory’s transitional living services for young people and young adults is part of Priory Healthcare’s rehabilitation and recovery services, supporting those with complex mental health needs, risk taking behaviours, or eating disorders. Priory can offer support across our Healthcare and Adult Care, offering individuals the best possible care in their recovery journey.

Each of our sites provide an environment that is ideal for those who are leaving hospital or secure care and require a higher level of support that can’t be provided elsewhere.

For more information on these services, please visit our dedicated Transitional Living Services page.

Community focused rehabilitation

Priory Healthcare provides community focused rehabilitation services within its main rehabilitation and recovery provision. The primary purpose of community-focused settings is to:

  • Support patients to develop self-confidence and independence
  • Achieve a life worth living in the community
  • Be transitioned to the least restrictive community placement

For more information, visit our dedicated community focused page.

Learning disability and autism programme (LDAP)

Priory Healthcare and Priory Adult Care are working cohesively to support the LDAP Agenda in its commitment to improving health and care services. By off­ering the right support, we can enable more people to live in the community and closer to home.

It is widely accepted that a number of patients leaving Medium or Low Secure hospital services may require a rehabilitation healthcare provision before they are ready to step down into a community placement. From our experience and owing to the specialist nature of the National Specialist Services we provide, Priory Healthcare is in a strong position to support LDAP through the provision of step-down services, which would be a safer journey for those patients who require a steadier transition period.

Bespoke therapeutic placements (BTPs)

Placements are offered to those who present with complex and challenging needs which might include aggressive or self-harming behaviours, sensory issues and emotion dysregulation, all of which can make it difficult for these individuals to be supported in a shared environment.

The core aim of our BTPs is to offer a bespoke environment with the least restrictive practices, and one that is completely tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our patients. Our aim is to support our patients to develop their coping and independence living skills, enabling them to transition to community living, wherever possible.

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