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Neuropsychiatry, older adults and dementia

Priory provides rehabilitation for those with complex needs due to neuropsychiatric conditions, such as dementia, Huntington’s disease and Korsakoff’s syndrome, those with behaviours that challenge, and individuals who may also have complex co-morbidities.

We also provide a service for those with longer-term mental illness and co-morbid cognitive impairment, who are frail and vulnerable, or for those with a brain injury who may also have co-morbid mental health needs.

We care for both older adults and those with early-onset dementia. By offering the highest quality treatment, in the safest environments possible, we aim to reduce agitation and maximise functioning.

Service overview

  • A person-centred holistic approach encompassing a rehabilitation and recovery framework
  • Optimising cognitive functioning and improving behaviours that challenge
  • Making use of evidence-based pharmacological and psychological interventions, including Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) and cognitive stimulation therapy
  • Multidisciplinary therapy input, including speech and language, dietetics and physiotherapy
  • Close liaison with primary care and medical specialists for those with complex physical health needs
  • Maintaining and improving skills and functioning in conjunction with psycho-social interventions
  • Optimising quality of life with a personalised timetable of activities and community access
  • Close liaison with families and carers to ensure relationships are maintained
  • Purpose-built and specifically designed facilities to improve behaviours, including dementia-friendly environments
  • End-of-life care

Our approach

We provide holistic treatment and support through bespoke, tailored packages of care, highlighting specific treatment goals. This enables our patients to maintain or develop their skills and cognitive functioning, whilst optimising quality of life and progressing through the care pathway.

The individuals we care for come from a range of services, often where there has been a placement breakdown due to complex mental health needs. This can include:

  • Stepping up from a community placement
  • Transferring from a care home environment
  • Moving across from acute mental health wards
  • Stepping down from Secure Services
  • Transferring from other mental health services which have struggled to deliver an improvement in outcomes
  • Transferring from an acute medical ward due to complex physical health needs that cannot be managed by local psychiatric services

Priory empowers and supports patients through a collaborative and person-centred process and we recognise individuality, whilst managing risk. We promote choice and positive risk taking, but in line with our ‘can do safely’ approach.

By encouraging individuals with neuropsychiatric conditions to take control and have belief in their potential, we create pathways that support individuals in their transition to more independent living where possible, or to a more positive future, whilst providing care with dignity and respect.

For those who are unable to engage in collaborative care planning, there is close liaison with family and carers to support holistic and individualised care. We understand that when a person’s cognitive abilities decrease, the impact on that person’s individuality can be profound, so staff are trained to work with the individual to re-connect with their sense of self. Effective communication and understanding of the needs and preferences of each individual is an essential component of our commitment to high-quality dementia care.

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For further information on Priory services offered to the NHS, or to make a referral, please call our dedicated 24/7 customer service centre on 0800 090 1356. Alternatively, click here to submit an enquiry form

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