The benefits of online therapy

The ever-evolving world around us has led to technology playing an integral role in how we lead our lives. With the rise of digital healthcare having accelerated in recent times, it’s now highly commonplace to undergo routine GP checkups via Zoom, make medical appointments and pick up prescriptions through an online app, and to receive mental healthcare remotely.

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Our online therapy service, Priory Connect, is not only an accessible alternative to traditional face-to-face talking therapies. It is a highly effective solution for treating mental health conditions, with many unique advantages. It’s also flexible in the sense that you don’t have to be at ‘rock bottom’ in order to access online therapy with us. We can support you if you simply want to talk about things in your life that may have been worrying or bothering you, or if you wanted to learn some new coping techniques to deal with things going on in your life. If what you’re going through isn’t a diagnosed mental health problem, that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant for you. We’re here to support you no matter what.

Our patient feedback speaks for itself:

  • Between November 2019 and June 2020, 92% of users rating Priory Connect left a score of 5/5, while 8% rated it 4/5

Read more about the numerous major benefits of online therapy below.

Online therapy is highly convenient

Video therapy gives you the flexibility of being able to receive expert mental health treatment, without having to travel to one of our Priory sites. All you need is an internet connection and a device, tablet or computer. (You can also take appointments over the telephone if you prefer/need to.)

The convenience of online therapy is one of its main benefits. Being able to undergo therapeutic treatment in your home is helpful if your mental health condition, mobility, or other issues make it difficult for you to leave home regularly. You may just be short of time – we appreciate that fitting therapy into your existing schedule can stretch your commitments and add potential stress to your week.

It may be the case that you don’t live close to a physical destination for therapy or counselling. If you’ve been searching for ‘therapy near me’ and thought your location left you out of options, then online therapy is the perfect solution for you, as you don’t need to go anywhere.

Online therapy at Priory may also open up your availability, as we have evening and weekend appointments available. This means you can avoid impacting work, childcare or other weekday-based priorities.

The comfort of home is therapeutic in itself

While we promise that our online therapists are friendly, compassionate and highly experienced, it’s completely normal to feel nervous about your first therapy session. For this reason, there’s no place like home. Online therapy allows you to be in the place you feel most at ease with yourself and the focus of your sessions. This can mean you feel more comfortable talking openly with your therapist.

Of course, working through mental health challenges can be complex. You will likely be confronting feelings and issues that can bring up some discomfort; this is a natural part of the process, so don’t worry. All of your emotions are valid, whether you’re at home or in a therapist’s office. However, being able to do this within your natural environment can add an undeniably soothing element.

Being able to sit in your living room with your favourite hot drink, in comfortable clothes, perhaps with a blanket or a pet by your side, can create a peaceful and relaxing setting. Online therapy therefore allows you to alleviate some of the possible tension you may feel when you commence with mental health treatment, without having to contend with transport or face the world outside before you’re ready.

Online therapy brings you plenty of privacy

Privacy is another huge benefit of online therapy. Your thoughts, feelings and current mental health are something you’ll naturally feel very protective over. When you don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to encounter anyone in a waiting room or outside the mental health clinic.

Online therapy therefore removes the risk of either seeing someone you know, who you don’t want to have an awkward conversation with, or just being in a space with strangers when you’re feeling at your most vulnerable. You’ll be inside the safety of home, opening up in an environment where you can ensure quiet and minimise interruptions.

We also protect all of your personal information within Priory Connect, including your personal details and sensitive information around your health and online therapy sessions. We ensure that everything you enter into the system adheres with data protection policies, with strong security measures across the site and app. Priory Connect was designed internally by our expert developers to ensure that you benefit from the highest level of security and data protection.

Studies show that online therapy has positive outcomes

Online therapy has numerous benefits for your mental health. This is backed by evidence from various studies. Read more about the key findings around how successful online therapy can be.

A 2018 study concluded that:

  • Online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is equally impactful as face-to-face CBT. (This is our leading therapeutic technique on Priory Connect)

A 2016 study found the following:

  • Online therapy has the same positive outcomes as face-to-face therapy
  • Overall, patients receiving online therapy report being satisfied with their experiences. Many people state that online therapy is easy to use and means they don’t have to travel to appointments
  • Mental health assessments made using online therapy are as reliable as assessments made during face-to-face therapy

The outcome of your online therapy is greatly influenced by the relationship you build with your therapist. Priory Connect lets you choose your own specialist from our dedicated page, so that you can select who’ll work with you based on the information we provide in their profile.

All of our online therapists are highly-qualified, experienced and completely understanding of whatever you’re going through. They have years of experience treating many people going through similar situations to yourself, helping them to gain control over their day-to-day challenges and live a much more fulfilling life. In addition, all of our therapists go through rigorous screening and onboarding processes within Priory, meaning that you really are receiving the best care from the right people.

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