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London Post


Stephen Hammond MP, Minister of State for Health, opens Priory’s Arthur House, a new residential eating disorder service in south-west London

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Virgin Media Television


Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, advises on reducing alcohol intake during the summer

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Net Doctor


Morag Mcpherson, of Priory’s North London Hospital, comments on how sleep trackers can affect insomnia

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The Guardian


Does mid-year burnout exist? Dr Natasha Bijlani, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, gives her view

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Mail Online


Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, comments on how young people can easily buy illegal drugs

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Dr Natasha Bijlani, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, explains how a relationship breakdown can affect your mental health

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BBC News Online


Arti Dhokia, of Priory's Woodbourne Hospital, comments on the negative effects of calorie counting apps

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Care Industry News


Priory’s Grafton Manor and Burton Park use pet therapy to help patients with brain injuries

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Savoir Flair


Tanya Dharamshi, of Priory’s Dubai Wellbeing Centre, explains why social media can be bad for your mental health

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Glamour Magazine


Dr Paul McLaren, of Priory’s Hayes Grove Hospital, warns about the impact of social media on mental health

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Virgin Media Television


Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, of Priory’s Oxford Wellbeing Centre, comments on the negative effects of social media on young people

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How do you help a friend with depression? Joseph Bernadello, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, gives expert advice

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The Hippocratic Post


Alexia Dempsey, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, gives strategies to reduce over-eating. Continue Reading

Mail Online


Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, comments on the availability of cocaine. Continue Reading

The Hippocratic Post


Ahead of the festival season, Dr Niall Campbell, Consultant Psychiatrist at Roehampton Hospital, advised parents on how to spot the signs of drug use. Continue Reading

The National (UAE)


Nadia Brooker, Counselling Psychologist at the Dubai Wellbeing Centre, warned about how social media can lead to children developing negative attitudes towards their body image. A Priory poll was quoted where 49% of parents questioned said children worry about their appearance because of social media. Continue Reading

The Hippocratic Post


Dr Lorna Richards, Consultant Psychiatrist at Woking Hospital, gave expert analysis on eating disorders for Mental Health Awareness Week. A Priory patient case study was included in the article. Continue reading

Men's Health


Dr Natasha Bijlani, Consultant Psychiatrist at Roehampton Hospital, gave advice about spotting the signs of stress Continue reading

Daily Mirror


Images of self-harm on social media may be making the behaviour appear normal, warns Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg of Priory Oxford’s Wellbeing Centre Continue reading

Gedling Eye


Priory Healthcare is working in partnership with NHS Nottinghamshire Healthcare by opening a new mental health ward so people can be treated closer to their home Continue reading

We are the City


How do you talk about depression with your boss? Dr Paul McLaren of Priory’s Hayes Grove hospital offers expert advice Continue reading

Healthcare Business


Priory’s Roehampton Hospital is rated as ‘good’ across all the mental health and addictions services it offers by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission.

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Daily Mail


Steve Clarke, Hospital Director at Priory Lifeworks, commented on alcohol packaging and the health risks associated with alcohol consumption Continue Reading

Net Doctor


Dr Paul McLaren explains the health risks of using the “hair of the dog” approach to ‘cure’ hangovers Continue reading

We Are The City


Steve Clarke, Hospital Director of Priory Lifeworks, explains how to tackle workplace stress at your desk Continue reading

Mail Online


Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, warns about the rise of paranoid psychoses among young cannabis users Continue reading

Nottingham Post


Priory Hospital Nottingham has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission Continue reading

Yahoo Style


Dr Hayley Van Zwanenberg tells parents how to tell if their children are struggling with mental health problems Continue reading

Huffington Post


Dr Liam Parsonage, of Priory's North London Hospital, advises readers on how to come off anti-depressants safely Continue reading

Friday Magazine (UAE)


Tanya Dharamshi, of Priory’s Dubai Wellbeing Centre, gives her perspective on today’s workplace culture Continue reading

Irish Examiner


Priory eating disorder expert Alexia Dempsey talks about treating over-eating, one of the world’s biggest health concerns Continue reading



Dr Paul McLaren of Priory’s Hayes Grove Hospital talks about the signs of alcoholism Continue reading

The Times


Self-harming is becoming ‘endemic’ about young schoolchildren, says a leading Priory child and adolescent psychiatrist Continue reading

The Sun


Why are the numbers of children admitted to hospital for self-harming soaring? Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks about the alarming trend Continue reading

Daily Mail


Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks to the Daily Mail about the rise in young people who have self-harmed Continue reading

Bury Times


Priory’s Rossendale School has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted Continue reading

Huffington Post


How do you talk to a loved one with an eating disorder? Dr Natasha Bijlani writes for the HuffPost Continue reading

Mail Online


‘Sandwich’ carers are more likely to suffer depression, according to UK stats. Priory’s Dr Niall Campbell talks to Mail Online about the reality facing millions of people. Continue reading

Huffington Post


Dr Niall Campbell, Consultant Psychiatrist at Roehampton Hospital, explains why Dry January isn’t enough for many people. Continue reading

Men’s Health


Dr Paul McLaren, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory’s Hayes Grove Hospital, talks about Blue Monday, coined the “most depressing day of the year”. Continue reading



Dr Natasha Bijlani, Consultant Psychiatrist at Roehampton Hospital, explains what it is like to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME).  Continue reading

The National (UAE)


Priory polling shows increasing parental concern about children’s smartphone use, with 44% backing a ban until a child is 16. Dr Rasha Bassim, of Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Dubai, says rising mental health problems are linked to mobile phone use. Continue reading



Dr Natasha Bijlani, of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, explains how best to help those with depression at Christmas. Continue reading



Priory psychiatrist Dr Paul McLaren advises patients on how best to come off anti-depressants. Continue reading

The Independent


What do you do when a relative or friend suffers anxiety during the Christmas holidays? Continue reading

The Sun


Priory’s Paul McLaren comments on the ‘drink diaries’ on three working women and the importance of measuring consumption via alcohol units. Continue reading

The Hippocratic Post


Dr Niall Campbell,  lead addiction consultant at Priory’s Roehampton hospital, on how cannabis is fuelling psychoses. Continue reading

CBI Business Voice


Priory experts give advice to CBI members about tackling anxiety in the workplace, to mark World Mental Health Day. Continue reading



Priory Healthcare opens a new secondary recovery centre in North London for those with addictions. Continue reading

The Hippocratic Post


Claire Rimmer, Lead Addictions Therapist at Altrincham Hospital, speaks about the need to get professional help for addictions, rather than relying on self-help techniques. Continue reading

Sunday Times


Priory’s Dr Niall Campbell discusses the effects of heavy drinking among the middle-aged and middle class Continue reading

The Guardian


Men often leave it very late until they seek help for their mental health. Priory psychologist Steve Clarke looks at the new wellbeing trend of ‘kindfulness’ and how it works. Continue reading

Daily Express


Technology is allowing us to examine our bodies and faces with greater scrutiny, but what effect does that have on our mental health? Dr Ashley-John Brewer, Clinical Psychologist at North London Hospital, talks to Express Continue reading

Happiful Magazine


Priory Healthcare is an official charity partner of The Shaw Mind Foundation Continue reading



Half of us do not know what the Government’s recommended weekly alcohol limits are according to a new Priory report Continue reading



 Amid an increase in the numbers of women over 50 having children, Priory’s Dr Natasha Bijlani discusses mental well-being Continue reading

Khaleej Times -


How do you raise a mental health problem with your boss? Our Dubai Wellbeing Clinic talks to the UAE newspaper Khaleej Times Continue reading

Daily Telegraph -


Priory research shows 44% of parents think smartphones should be banned for under-16s. Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks about the mental health of young people Continue reading

The Sun -


Parents’ concerns about the mental effects of smartphones on children is reported in The Sun Continue reading


Metro -


Mental health difficulties are preventing some couples from having healthy sexual relationships says Sarah-Jane Otoo from Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Birmingham Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Dr Paul McLaren discusses the sharp rise in women seeking help for cannabis addiction Continue reading

HR Director -


Priory’s The mental health of expatriates should be a priority. Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Dubai provides help and treatment Continue reading

CBI Business Voice -


Priory’s Dr Paul McLaren talks about how to raise mental health issues with your boss Continue reading

The Hippocratic Post -


New parents are under pressure from social media to be ‘perfect’, which can fuel depression. Dr Lucinda Green, of Priory’s Harley Street Wellbeing Centre, offers her advice Continue reading

Huffington Post -


 Priory medical director Dr Paul McLaren talks about how to tackle rising suicide rates among the middle-aged Continue reading

The Hippocratic Post -


Prof David Veale of Priory’s North London Hospital discusses body dysmorphia disorder Continue reading

Health Investor -


Priory’s chief executive Trevor Torrington is on the front cover of Health Investor magazine this month, and talks to the magazine about Priory Group’s role in mental healthcare both in the UK and overseas Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Steve Clarke, addiction therapy services manager at Priory’s Life Works Hospital in Woking, comments on binge drinking among higher earners Continue reading

The Guardian -


Higher earners spend more money on alcohol than those who earn less. Steve Clarke discusses why the message that ‘no alcohol is safe’ isn’t getting through Continue reading

I News -


Can’t get a good night’s sleep? A Priory sleep therapist talks you through it Continue reading

Arabian business -


What role does diet play in depression? Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid from Priory’s Dubai Wellbeing Centre says research shows it might be a significant factor Continue reading

Daily Star -


How can you stop feeling stressed? Priory’s Dr Paul McLaren gives his advice Continue reading

HR Review -


Five Priory experts share the one thing they wished others knew about stress Continue reading

Hippocratic Post -


Dr Paul McLaren of Priory’s Hayes Grove Hospital says friends and relatives should be alert to the dangers of opioid addiction in their families Continue reading

London Evening Standard -


Dr Paul McLaren warns of the dangers of opioid addiction from over the counter medicines Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Recovery from alcohol addiction is never simple but it is achievable, says Priory’s Dr Paul McLaren Continue reading

Derby Telegraph -


How to spot the signs of depression in teenagers? Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks parents through it Continue reading

Glossy Magazine -


Coping with the emotional stress and anxiety of a relationship breakdown? Dr Georgia Henderson on how to handle it Continue reading -


Worried you have become addicted to sleeping pills? Priory’s Dr Paul McLaren explains how to wean yourself off them Continue reading

Sunday Telegraph -


How to ensure good mental health when you are still living with your adult children. Dr Ellie Roberts of Priory’s Oxford Wellbeing Centre explains Continue reading

Hippocratic Post -


Ten ways a parent can help a child avoid self-harming, by Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg Continue reading

Evening Standard -


How do you help someone suffering from an eating disorder? Priory’s Dr Natasha Bijlani offers her advice Continue reading

Hippocratic Post -


Eating disorders experts at the Priory often recommend patients disengage with social media. Here’s why Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Self-harming is a national public health issue. Priory child psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg discusses Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Problem drinking and dementia; Addictions lead therapist Claire Rimmer, from Priory’s Altrincham Hospital, explains how to cut your alcohol intake Continue reading

Cosmopolitan -


Postnatal depression can be exacerbated by the inability to breastfeed successfully. Priory’s Dr Kathryn Hollins explains how therapy can help women in these circumstances Continue reading

Dad Info -


How do parents unplug children from their smartphones? Young people need to discover the ‘joy of missing out #JOMO’ says Priory clinical psychologist Dr Georgia Henderson Continue reading

Sunday Times -


Dr Niall Campbell on why Dry January isn’t enough if you are struggling with your relationship with alcohol Continue reading

Health Service Journal -


New low secure beds at Priory are part of NHS England’s plans to increase CAMHS provision across the country Continue reading

Cosmopolitan -


Dr Georgia Henderson of Priory’s Hospital in north London on how to end a relationship which is affecting your mental health Continue reading

Metro -


Priory’s Dr Natasha Bijlani talks about how environment can affect mental health Continue reading

Gulf News -


Maartje Suijskens, psychologist at the Priory's Wellbeing Centre in Dubai, talks about paternal postnatal depression Continue reading

The Hippocratic Post -


When breastfeeding fails, it can fuel postnatal depression. Dr Kathryn Hollins, Priory consultant psychiatrist at Priory’s Harley Street Wellbeing Centre, talks about how to help new mothers Continue reading

The Glossy Magazine -


Nearly 40% of men suffer anxiety after becoming fathers for the first time. Priory’s Hayley van Zwanenberg explains how talking therapies can help Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Priory’s Dr Niall Campbell on tackling binge drinking among 16-24 years olds Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Dr Niall Campbell of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital talks about the need for society to readdress its relationship with alcohol, and with social media, amid rising rates of depression Continue reading

Bristol Evening Post -


Another 10 'Tier 4' beds will be created at the Bristol Priory Hospital by the end of March for children and adolescents, to cope with local demand Continue reading



Alexia Dempsey, specialist eating dietician at Roehampton Hospital, on tackling childhood obesity and self-esteem Continue reading

The National (UAE) -


The Priory’s clinic in the Middle East is praised for working alongside doctors, so mental health can be treated alongside physical health Continue reading

The Times -


Priory’s Dr Wayne Kampers discusses the effects of medicine shortages on patients across the NHS as drug prices soar Continue reading

Metro -


Priory’s Dr Ian Drever, from Priory’s Woking Hospital, talks about how to tackle smartphone dependency Continue reading

The Independent -


Priory alcohol addiction expert Dr Paul McLaren discusses how to cope with Christmas when you are addicted to alcohol Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Dr Niall Campbell warns people to ‘think before they drink’ as a survey shows the UK tops European tables for online alcohol sales Continue reading

Daily Express -


Liver disease is on the rise, and many don’t know they are even at risk, says Priory’s Dr Niall Campbell Continue reading

Daily Express -


Sleepless nights? Mary Neal, therapist at Priory’s Hospital in Chelmsford, shares her best tips for getting a good night’s sleep Continue reading

Huffington Post -


On International Men’s Day, Priory psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg discusses paternal post-natal depression Continue reading

Khaleej Times -


Maartje Suijskens, psychologist at the Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Dubai, talks about the one in 10 men estimated to suffer from post-natal depression Continue reading

Care Industry News -


Priory’s Carole Abernethy wins a national award celebrating the “very best” in dementia care Continue reading

LaingBuisson News -


Priory is proud to announce the expansion of its education services with the acquisition of Aspire Scotland Ltd, a specialist education company in Ayrshire Continue reading

International Business Times -


What triggered America’s opioid crisis? Dr Paul McLaren, medical director of Priory’s Hayes Grove Hospital, discusses Continue reading

Mail Online -


Dr Niall Campbell at Priory’s Roehampton Hospital discusses dangerous drinking levels among older people Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Do you know what happens to your body when you stop drinking? Dr Niall Campbell explains the benefits Continue reading

Metro -


When does keeping fit turn into an addiction to exercise? Dr Ian Drever of Priory’s Woking Hospital explains Continue reading

Sunday Telegraph -


Does alcoholism run in families? Priory’s Dr Niall Campbell says ‘susceptibility does not mean inevitability’ Continue reading

Parent News -


Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Clinical Director of the Priory’s Wellbeing Centres, advises parents on what to do if their child is self-harming Continue reading

Netdoctor -


Dr Jaya Gowrisunkur, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory’s Altrincham Hospital, talks about pregnancy and mental health Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Priory addictions specialist Dr Paul McLaren, of Priory’s Hayes Grove Hospital in Kent, talks about spotting and treating prescription drug addiction Continue reading

International Business Times -


Priory launches a new Wellbeing Centre in London’s Harley Street on World Mental Health Day Continue reading

Expat Focus (Dubai) -


Priory is helping employers in Dubai promote mental well-being at work Continue reading

Belfast Telegraph -


Dr Kathryn Hollins of Priory’s new Wellbeing Centre in Harley Street talks about the benefits of relationship counselling Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg offers her 15 best pieces of advice to parents worried their child is suffering from depression which could turn to self-harming Continue reading

Oxford Mail -


Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks of the rise of stress among university students Continue reading

Yorkshire Post -


Students are urged to take more care of their mental health as they start university Continue reading

Netdoctor -


Priory’s Dr Natasha Bijlani talks about antenatal anxiety Continue reading

Mail Online -


Priory psychotherapist Julia Cole, from Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Southampton, talks about the emotional aftermath of cancer treatment, which can include PTSD Continue reading

Birmingham Post -


Priory has invested £1.25m in its Woodbourne Hospital in Edgbaston to ensure more patients can be treated closer to home Continue reading

ITV News -


How is Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in central London helping City workers deal with stress? ITV London interviewed Dr Rick Driscoll, Group Medical Director of Priory Healthcare Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Priory consultant psychiatrist Dr Natasha Bijlani, based at Roehampton Hospital, talks about depression caused by unrealistic body image expectations fuelled by reality TV shows Continue reading

Independent -


Priory’s Group Associate Medical Director Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks about mental health conditions linked to social media addiction Continue reading

Metro -


Senior therapist Ann Sidwell, of the Priory’s hospital in Chelmsford, Essex, talks about the symptoms of stress and how to stop them escalating out of control Continue reading

Women’s Health -


Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Priory consultant psychiatrist in Oxford and Birmingham, talks about the effect of stress on women’s bodies Continue reading

National Unplugging Day -


Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks about how to unplug your child from their smartphone. Continue reading

Care Industry News -


The Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission visits, and pays tribute to, a care home run by Priory Adult Care which is rated ‘outstanding’. Continue reading

BBC World Service -


Priory child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg is interviewed on the BBC’s World Service about why young people self-harm and what parents can do. Continue reading

Essex Live -


Priory’s Hospital in Chelmsford has undergone a £3million expansion Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Priory’s Dr Paul McLaren talks about women and depression Continue reading

The London Economic -


Parents need to curb their use of smartphones and iPads if children are to follow, says Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg Continue reading

Families Online -


Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Priory consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, says children need to switch off from digital devices for their own mental health Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Dr Paul McLaren, consultant psychiatrist at the Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Fenchurch Street, talks about the less obvious signs that you are drinking too much Continue reading

Gulf News -


Priory’s new Wellbeing Centre in Dubai caters to both Emiratis and expats, says Priory’s Middle East Director Will Goodwin Continue reading

International Business Times -


Priory’s new Wellbeing Centre in Dubai is featured in the International Business Times Continue reading

South Wales Argus -


Priory Coleg in Pontypool, a specialist co-educational college run by Priory’s Education and Children’s Services for young people with Asperger’s syndrome, autistic disorders and associated conditions, is named in the local media as “School of the Week” Continue reading

Mail Online -


Parents’ addiction to their smartphones and laptops is being replicated by their young children. Priory child psychiatrist Hayley van Zwanenberg discusses the consequences Continue reading

The National -


Priory’s launch of a Wellbeing Centre in Dubai is reported in Abu Dhabi’s main national newspaper Continue reading

Health Insurance Daily -


Dubai now has a Priory clinic to help expats and local residents receive fast treatment for their mental health needs Continue reading -


Priory has launched its first overseas Wellbeing Centre, in Dubai. You can see the video here and Dr Saeed Islam, medical director of the Dubai Wellbeing Centre, talks about the importance of lifting the taboo around mental health Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Consultant psychiatrist Dr Paul McLaren, of Priory’s Fenchurch Wellbeing Centre in London, discusses rising stress levels in the UK Continue reading

The Times -


Priory’s Dr Paul McLaren talks about the growing numbers of females coming forward with an addiction to skunk Continue reading

The Enquirer -


Priory consultant psychiatrist Dr Murali Sekar warns of the impact of social media on eating disorders Continue reading

Oxford Times -


Priory’s new Oxford Wellbeing Centre will provide rapid access to young people in need of mental healthcare Continue reading

Birmingham Mail -


Dr David Veale, consultant psychiatrist at Priory’s North London Hospital, talks about the links between selfies and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Continue reading

Health Investor -


The Priory has opened its ninth Wellbeing Centre after investing £300,000 in a facility in the centre of Oxford Continue reading

Express and Echo -


A Craegmoor home, part of Priory Group, has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the CQC, placing it among the top care homes in England Continue reading

Yahoo -


In praise of older mothers; Dr Natasha Bijlani of Priory’s Roehampton Hospital explains some of the benefits of giving birth over the age of 40 Continue reading

Mail Online -


Dr Natasha Bijlani of Priory’s Hospital in Roehampton talks about the lesser explored side effects of the menopause Continue reading

Daily Express -


Priory psychiatrist Dr Paul McLaren explains the importance of sleep to restorative brain function Continue reading

The Guardian -


Women earning significantly less than men is a major source of stress for females in the workplace, says Priory’s Dr Judith Mohring Continue reading

International Business Times -


Priory’s Dr Niall Campbell, one of the UK’s leading alcohol addiction experts, hails the benefits of Dry January, but explains why the Priory advocates three months off alcohol Continue reading

The Guardian -


Dr Judith Mohring of Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Fenchurch Street advocates flexible working as she analyses latest official statistics underscoring the effects of stress on working women Continue reading

Independent -


Brexit, constant company restructuring, and global economic uncertainty; how Priory is tackling endemic stress in the financial sector with its Wellbeing Centre in the heart of the City of London Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Priory psychiatrist Dr Niall Campbell talks about the ‘dysfunctional’ drinker and how chronic alcoholism can first emerge at work Continue reading

Huffington Post -


Who are among the loneliest in society – and why the answer might not be what you think. Dr Ian Drever, of Priory’s Hospital in Woking, discusses the Priory’s latest survey Continue reading

Sunday Telegraph -


As working hours gets longer, and family life frequently suffers, senior psychotherapist Julia Cole, of Priory’s Southampton Wellbeing Centre, offers relationship advice on living with a workaholic Continue reading

Health Investor -


Priory Group CEO Tom Riall named most influential leader in the independent healthcare sector at HealthInvestor Power Fifty event 2016 Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Priory’s Julia Cole, senior psychotherapist at the Southampton Wellbeing Centre, offers advice to those juggling the responsibilities of young children and elderly parents Continue reading

Sunday Express -


Priory psychiatrist Natasha Bijlani, and Priory psychotherapist Julia Cole, discuss ways of tackling stress during the festive season Continue reading

International Business Times -


Priory child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg backs screen time limits for the under-fives Continue reading

Daily Express -


Excessive screen time acts as a ‘digital drug’ to children, says Priory’s Hayley van Zwanenberg of Priory’s Woodbourne Hospital in Birmingham Continue reading

netdoctor -


Dr Ian Drever, of Priory Hospital Woking, talks about how those with depression and anxiety can maintain good relationships with people around them Continue reading

The Sun -


A former patient with body dysmorphia praises her treatment at Priory’s North London hospital as a 'turning point' Continue reading

Mail Online -


Feeling angry a lot of the time can contribute to serious illness. Priory runs group anger management sessions at its Wellbeing Centres to help ensure people maintain good physical and mental health. Priory’s Dr Fairuz Awenat explains why keeping anger in check is important Continue reading

Education for Everybody -


A Priory specialist school, Oliver House, for children with autism has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, the education watchdog Continue reading

Daily Telegraph -


The role of women in leadership doesn’t come much tougher than running for president of the United States. Priory psychiatrist Dr Judith Mohring talks about what it takes to reach the top Continue reading

Huffington Post -


The effects of drugs like cocaine, cannabis and laughing gas (Nitrous oxide) on the body can be devastating. Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory’s Hospital in Roehampton, talks readers through it, with Priory’s interactive graphic Continue reading

Yahoo -


What are the unexpected signs of stress? Social media addiction may be one of them. Priory consultant psychiatrist Dr Leon Rozewicz, from Priory’s North London Hospital, explains Continue reading

Daily Mail -


Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Clinical Director of Priory's Wellbeing Centres (Healthcare), says the internet is increasing depression and self-harming among younger women who aspire to a non-existent 'perfect' life Continue reading

Financial Times -


Priory Group has shown the way by opening a City clinic to help workers cope with the rise in mental illness in the workplace Continue reading

Yahoo -


How you talk about your own body image in front of your children is crucial if they are to develop a positive self-image of themselves. Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Priory’s Woodbourne Hospital in Birmingham, explains Continue reading

The Press and Journal -


Priory’s specialist education school Troup House has received a top-notch report from the education inspectorate Continue reading

Mail Online -


Extreme exercise is becoming more popular – and can be addictive. Dr Ian Drever, psychiatrist at The Priory Hospital Woking, explains what he is seeing and what are the dangers Continue reading

iNews -


Priory consultants have helped medal-winning Olympic athletes cope with anticlimactic feelings, when the Games are over Continue reading

Daily Telegraph -


How do women cope with the menopause in the workplace? Does it make them more anxious? Dr Natasha Bijlani, psychiatrist at Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, discusses Continue reading

Mail Online -


Positive physical changes happen when you give up drinking. Priory addiction expert Dr Niall Campbell explains Continue reading

Sunday Times -


Stress is endemic in the City of London where our Fenchurch Wellbeing Centre receives 70 new referrals a month. Dr Paul McLaren, Priory consultant psychiatrist, talks about burnout, alcohol and drug addiction, and the pressure of life in the Square Mile Continue reading -


‘Body shaming’ and ‘fat shaming’ on the internet is rife, as online abuse about people’s appearances grows. Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory Hospital in Roehampton, talks about the psychological consequences Continue reading

netdoctor -


How does having friends really keep you mentally healthy? Dr Paul McLaren, of the Priory's Wellbeing Centre in London, explains the psychological value of friendship Continue reading

Stylist -


Dr Paul McLaren, of Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in Fenchurch Street, London explains what the stay-late culture is doing to your health Continue reading

Mail Online -


Dr Niall Campbell, an expert in alcohol addiction at the Priory hospital in Roehampton, South-West London, says many people still believe that drinking heavily is safe Continue reading

Red -


How can writing help you cope with anxiety? Priory’s Dr Ian Drever explains Continue reading

netdoctor -


Some ways of dealing with anxiety are more effective than others. Dr Ian Drever, of the Priory Hospital in Woking, offers expert advice Continue reading

Care Industry News -


Priory schools for children with learning difficulties have teamed up with England rugby legend Lawrence Dallaglio to inspire pupils through sport Continue reading

Daily Telegraph -


Is social media playing a role in driving eating disorders? Priory specialist eating disorders dietician Alexia Dempsey believes it is Continue reading

The Times -


Priory specialist eating disorders dietician Alexia Dempsey warns about the impact of some food blogging on teenagers’ discontent with their bodies Continue reading

Telegraph Online -


Teachers and other experts warn that parents’ smartphones are damaging children’s conversational abilities. Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, clinical director of Priory’s Wellbeing Centres, joins the debate Continue reading

Men’s Health -


The most common addiction consultants see at The Priory Hospital in Roehampton is alcohol, followed by cocaine, marijuana, and opiates – like heroin. Dr Niall Campbell, consultant psychiatrist, talks about recovery, group therapy and life after rehab Continue reading

Huffington Post -


'Sexting' is an increasingly common activity among children and young people. Child psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, of Priory Hospital Woodbourne in Birmingham, says parents need to know how to address the issue with their offspring Continue reading

Mail Online -


Why do middle-aged Britons 'pre-load’ with alcohol before a night out and what are the consequences? Dr Niall Campbell of the Priory Hospital in Roehampton talks about how pre-loading has become part of our culture Continue reading

Daily Express -


Wine is fast overtaking tea as women’s relaxant of choice, and Priory experts like Dr Niall Campbell are so concerned about the ‘wine o’clock’ culture, they are warning that women are risking their health Continue reading

City A.M. -


Tom Riall, CEO of Priory Group, discusses the need to tackle the stigma of mental health Continue reading

Evening Standard Magazine -


Dr Judith Mohring, psychiatrist at Priory’s Fenchurch Wellbeing Centre, says high-achieving women working in the City of London are often perfectionists, which is a major source of stress Continue reading

ITV News -


Dr Janet Walsh, of Priory Hospital Altrincham, warns that healthy eating messages must be phrased carefully to avoid some children taking them to extremes and developing eating disorders as a result Continue reading

The Times -


Priory child psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg joined ministers and child protection experts in calling for more guidance to children on the dangers of sexting Continue reading

Daily Telegraph -


Priory consultant psychiatrist, Dr Niall Campbell, warns that alcohol addiction is a growing problem, with the UK’s work and social culture often based around heavy alcohol consumption Continue reading

Mail Online -


Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory Hospital Roehampton, expresses concern that a growing proportion of the population is drinking their entire weekly recommended amount of alcohol in any one day Continue reading

Sunday Telegraph -


Dr Janet Walsh, of Priory Hospital Altrincham, warns that too many messages about healthy eating are leading to young people developing eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia Continue reading

Reuters -


New patient assessments at Priory’s Fenchurch Wellbeing Centre in Central London have more than doubled over the last year. Priory psychiatrist Dr Paul McLaren discusses the increase in demand Continue reading

Evening Standard Magazine -


Priory Hospital Roehampton has been recognised for its leading worldwide reputation Continue reading

Mail Online


Priory’s Dr Adrienne Key, a consultant specialising in eating disorders, warns of the dangers of a new trend of swapping food for the ‘empty calories’ in alcohol Continue reading
Good Morning Britain -


Priory psychiatrist Dr Niall Campbell warns of the negative psychological effects of using a smartphone, following results from a recent survey Continue reading
Care Industry News -


Priory Education and Children’s Service’s Coxlease School has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the education watchdog, Ofsted Continue reading
Daily Mirror -


 A Priory patient being treated for anorexia praises the care she received from the medical team at Priory’s hospital in Altrincham for aiding her recovery Continue reading
Daily Telegraph -


Former Priory patient and mental health campaigner, Ruby Wax, who recently received her OBE at Priory Hospital Roehampton, has released her new book: ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’ Continue reading
Health Investor -


Priory Group has acquired Progress Care, a provider of children’s homes and schools in North West England. Tom Riall, CEO of Priory Group, said that the “strong partnership will contribute to our education and children’s services.” Continue reading
Mail Online -


Priory psychiatrist, Dr Niall Campbell, gives his reaction to figures showing women living in the richest fifth of households are more likely to drink more in any given day, than those in any other income bracket Continue reading
 Channel 4 News -


Psychiatrist Dr Judith Mohring from Priory’s Wellbeing Centre talks about why we should all be concerned about stress in the City Continue reading
 Financial Times -


 Despite attempts to remove the stigma around mental ill-health, support for finance employees and the wider workforce are still patchy. Priory psychiatrist Dr Judith Mohring, based at the Priory’s Wellbeing Centre in the City of London, says there is no consistent approach among companies even though it is now accepted that “you don’t have to be mad to see a psychiatrist” Continue reading

Get The Gloss 

Dr Janet Walsh, from Priory Hospital Altrincham, discusses the symptoms of so-called ‘bigorexia’, and what is behind it Continue reading

The Times Magazine -

Dating apps are hugely popular but what are the downsides to digitised dating? Dr Mark Collins, consultant psychiatrist at the Priory hospital in Roehampton, London, talks to The Times Continue reading

The Times -


Consultant psychiatrist, Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, of Priory Hospital Woodbourne in Birmingham, explains why those who spend the most time on social media are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions Continue reading

Daily Telegraph -

Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital Edgbaston, talks about the negative effects the internet can have on children Continue reading

Huffington Post -

Dr Claudia Bernat, of Priory Hospital North London, gives her top tips for recognising and beating depression Continue reading

BBC News -


 BBC News interviewed Priory specialist eating disorder dietician Alexia Dempsey at Priory’s Roehampton hospital amid concerns that young people are turning to the internet, rather than doctors, for help with serious conditions including anorexia Continue reading

New Scientist -

Dr Paul McLaren, psychiatrist at Priory’s hospital in Hayes Grove, Bromley, discusses the origins of compulsive thoughts and why our minds wander Continue reading

Gulf News -

Teenage girls are routinely doctoring photographs for social media because they lack body confidence. Priory psychiatrist Dr Pippa Hugo talks about the pressures faced by young women today Continue reading

Metro -

Dr Adrienne Key, consultant psychiatrist at Priory Hospital in Roehampton specialising in eating disorders, discusses the misconceptions and stigmatisation that exist around anorexia Continue reading

HR Review - 24/08/2015

Generation stress. Young Brits are the most stressed generation but all adults say work stress is much worse now than a decade ago. Dr Jon van Niekerk, of Priory Hospital Bristol, analyses the results of exclusive Priory research Continue reading

The Times - 22/08/2015

Dr Judith Mohring, from the Priory’s Fenchurch Street Wellbeing Centre in London, discusses why 4 in 10 women say they are overwhelmed by the demands of being a woman Continue reading
Mail on Sunday - 16/08/2015 Dr Ian Drever, of Priory Hospital Woking, talks about the dangers of being addicted to healthy eating messages and Twitter hashtags on social media Continue reading

The Independent

Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory Hospital Roehampton, raises concerns about people inhaling vaporised alcohol in a new type of bar Continue reading

USA Today - 10/08/2015

Dr Niall Campbell, of Priory Hospital Roehampton, talks to USA Today about the dangers of vaporised alcohol Continue reading

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