What is a Recovery College?

A Recovery College is a course of workshops that have been specifically designed to increase awareness and understanding of recovery and what it means to each individual.

Recovery College courses aim to improve participants’ health and wellbeing and provide education and skills development opportunities through workshops on a range of subjects. These can range from holistic and complementary approaches, such as meditation and relaxation, workshops that focus on key emotions, such as stress, anger and self-esteem, as well as problem solving, and physical health interventions.

The courses are developed and delivered by people who have personal experience of mental health problems or learning disabilities, alongside qualified mental health professionals.

Recovery Colleges aim to:

  • Combat the stigma related to mental health and learning disabilities
  • Adopt a socially inclusive culture
  • Access community resources
  • Use real life situations to promote learning
  • Focus on the future and maintain hope for a better life

Within Priory, current service users are supported to identify workshops that are relevant to their recovery, and will help them to take steps towards a meaningful and purposeful life.

Workshops aim to:

  • Increase understanding of recovery
  • Increase levels of self-management
  • Encourage exchange of skills and ideas
  • Learn through activity based sessions
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