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Learn about the residential autism support and care services that we offer at Priory.

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Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects how a person sees and interacts with the world around them. At Priory, we offer services designed to support people on the autism spectrum, including those with complex needs.

Our aim is to help the people we support to achieve their goals. This means providing the right support to help autistic people enhance their life skills and independence.

Support for autistic adults

Priory offers innovative support programmes in safe and caring environments, focusing on social inclusion, developing independence, and achieving goals, through active support. The services we provide include:

  • Residential homes for people who need 24/7 support in a community-based setting
  • Supported living and community outreach support services, for people who are able to live more independently in their own home
  • Healthcare services in independent hospitals, for autistic people who may have co-occurring mental health conditions

We work across our national network of autism services to develop tailored care pathways. This means the people we support are able to progress to the appropriate environment for them. Our assessment and transitions directors provide specialist input to autistic people with complex needs throughout the transition process.

In addition, we take a multidisciplinary approach to autism support, enabling us to meet each person's needs. This means we work with professionals across many health and social care services. We seek input from those with clinical expertise, as well as social care teams and other specialist roles.

Our approach to residential autism support

At Priory, we support autistic people to lead full and rewarding lives within the least restrictive environments. We understand that autism has different meanings for everyone. It can range in complexity and provide people with their own strengths, difficulties, abilities and preferences.

Therefore, we provide packages of support that are bespoke to each person. This approach, known as person-centred care, enables us to cater to the unique needs of each person we support.

Across our residential services, we offer:

  • A variety of living options, including communal living and self-contained flats
  • Capable environments, which offer the right levels of stimulation, including robust, low arousal settings, taking into consideration the sensory needs of each person
  • Structured support, including 1:1 sessions, where required
  • Highly trained staff teams with significant expertise in supporting autistic people
  • A positive behaviour support (PBS) approach, with dedicated practitioners
  • Therapeutic input from external professionals
  • Progression through a care pathway to live as independently as possible
  • Individually tailored activities planners

Ultimately, our aim is to maximise people's wellbeing and help them to lead active and independent lives.

Life is great at the moment

I am now going shopping on my own which gives me a different experience of independence. I am also going swimming with staff support, which I never thought I would be able to do. It's so much fun. Life is great at the moment.
Person supported by Priory

Resident stories

Hear the incredible stories from the residents of Priory residential autism services, striving to live their lives to the fullest.

Tom's story - Bedborough House

Tom is an autistic man, who also has a learning disability and epilepsy. Despite living at Bedborough House for a number of years, back in 2021 Tom began exhibiting more behaviours of concern.

Miles's story - Ebbsfleet House

Miles is a young autistic man with (ADHD), a learning disability, pica, and sensory processing difficulties. See how Miles getting on in a bespoke flat at Ebbsfleet House as part of our residential services.

Julie's transition story - Apple Mews

Julie is an autistic woman who also has a learning disability and Tourette’s syndrome. She came to live at Apple Mews after a structured transition from a secure hospital.

Declan's story - Loughshore

Declan is an autistic man, who moved to Loughshore from children's services. Learn how he has been supported by his team to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Owain and his parents' story - Eastrop House

A parent discusses the process of seeking residential support for their autistic son, Owain. They are delighted that Owain has settled into his new home at Priory Eastrop House.

Our locations

Priory offers residential autism support at various locations across the UK. Use the map below to view our services.

How to make a referral

Our service provides high quality support to people with varying levels of need. Referrals can be made through the individual’s social care team or, if relevant, their local health authority. If you are a professional looking to make a referral, please call us or fill in our enquiry form.

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