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Rhodes Recovery - supporting your journey in recovery

For those who have completed a residential Addiction Treatment Programme, the transition back into daily life can be daunting.

Rhodes Recovery provides the perfect setting to support you during this transition. We offer ongoing, evidence-based therapy to reinforce the skills and knowledge you have developed during your initial addiction treatment and help you re-build the confidence and skills to tackle daily tasks that others may take for granted. This is delivered in a comfortable and safe setting, enabling you to focus on your continued recovery.

Our comprehensive programme is delivered by highly trained specialists to assist your continued recovery. Through our approach, we will provide support whilst you reintegrate back into day-to-day life, and empower you to turn your hopes for a better future, into reality.

“Rhodes Recovery provided many tools, resources and experiences fundamental to my ongoing recovery, and has helped assist me with key life skills and to develop further coping mechanisms. The peaceful setting, community feel, continued support of all the staff and variety of the programme has given me the confidence and ability to enjoy a life of fulfilment and freedom from my addictions. I can’t thank the team enough for their help and support. I have made lifelong friends and acquaintances over the course of the treatment.”

- Former patient at Rhodes Recovery

What happens at Rhodes Recovery

The first two weeks at Rhodes Recovery involves acclimatising to your new environment, the team and your peer group. During this time, you will be given group therapy to share your recovery progress to date, such as your life story and updates on previous assignment work. In this time you will start to join in the community living, which includes rotas for household duties such as shopping, cooking and cleaning.

This two-week settling in period also give the team a chance to continuously assess you, your needs and readiness for the programme.

Following this initial two-week period, the programme starts to build upon living skills whilst supporting with continued group and individual (one-to-one) therapy sessions, and working towards family involvement. It is during this period that you will be supported with cross addiction and underlying issues that you may be ready to address.

This stage is focused on deeper therapeutic work now that abstinence from primary addictions is established.

Priory's Secondary Addiction Care Service

Rhodes Recovery provides a secondary addiction care service which is an extension to the intense primary treatment previously experienced. Its focus is to support clients to live their life in recovery and begin to re-develop skills for the daily tasks that may have become unfamiliar to them. It also addresses the underlying and related issues to addiction and supports with rebuilding family life.

We encourage our clients to take an active role in the running of Rhodes Recovery, to help them to re-build a sense of responsibility and independence. This includes preparing meals, shopping and taking control of finances, all of which will be supported as part of your life skills programme.

This stage of treatment is designed to support and empower you, as you begin to take responsibility for general living that may have been affected or even destroyed through addictions.

The support of your fellow clients, along with our experienced therapy team, will be invaluable throughout this process, and will provide you with a non-judgemental network of support, advice and guidance, along with helping develop your communication skills.

The weekends will provide the opportunity for you to reflect on the activities of the week, and re-charge your batteries during free time. This includes film nights where you can relax and unwind with your peers, and the opportunity to meet with friends and family.

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