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Read our resources and blog posts for support on mental health, addictions, eating disorders and other conditions. Our practical advice, guides and videos will give you the opportunity to help yourself and those closest to you.

How to help someone with bulimia

If someone close to you is struggling with bulimia, there are things that you can do to be a great source of support. Re…

The early signs of an eating disorder

Information on the early signs of an eating disorder and how to support someone you are worried about.

Eating disorders do not discriminate

The cliché of eating disorders only affecting teenagers has led to many ignoring signs and symptoms. If you are worried,…

Do I have bulimia?

We look at the signs and symptoms of bulimia and outlined the support that is available to you.

How group therapy can help with eating disorders

Discover the importance of group therapy for people struggling with eating disorders, and how they can help a person as…

How to tell if your child has an eating disorder

It can be upsetting as a parent to watch your child struggle with an eating disorder. It can leave you feeling confused…

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