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Read our resources and blog posts for support on mental health, addictions, eating disorders and other conditions. Our practical advice, guides and videos will give you the opportunity to help yourself and those closest to you.

Brits becoming biggest cocaine users in Europe

Dr Niall Campbell looks at why the UK is fast becoming the biggest consumer of cocaine, and the devastating effects the…

Am I addicted to cocaine? The signs of addiction

One-time cocaine use can quickly turn into a pattern of misuse, which can lead to addiction. Find out the signs and symp…

How to stop taking cocaine

If you are becoming worried about your cocaine use and are looking to stop, Priory Group has outlined the options for tr…

Effects of drugs on the body

Priory introduces an interactive infographic to show just what long and short-term damage is done to a person's physical…

Getting help for drug addiction

Drug addiction help is available and there are different ways in which a person can seek help and treatment for drug add…

The signs and symptoms of addiction

The signs, symptoms, and nature of addiction with insight from Priory's Lead Addiction Therapist and a Consultant Psychi…

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