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Read our resources and blog posts for support on mental health, addictions, eating disorders and other conditions. Our practical advice, guides and videos will give you the opportunity to help yourself and those closest to you.

Understanding menopause & depression

Information on the link between menopause and depression, and the support that is available for anyone who is struggling…

What are the symptoms of postnatal depression?

As many as 1 in 5 women experience depression after the birth of a child - a condition known as postnatal depression. He…

Living with someone with depression

Living with someone with depression can be incredibly draining. Some of the symptoms of depression, including feelings o…

How depression causes a loss of appetite

If you have been struggling to eat because of depression, we will look at why this can happen and what you can do to sta…

What are the physical signs of depression?

Many people misinterpret the physical signs of depression. We have looked at how depression can impact the body and the…

The early signs of depression

Information on the early signs of depression and what to do in order to improve how you've been feeling lately.

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