The Addiction

One year ago, Jonny was 21 and fresh out of university. With three years of study behind him, he was about to enter the real world, but he wasn’t prepared for what he’d find.

After twelve months of job applications, social occasions and family get-togethers, he finally faced up to a serious drinking problem.

The Graduation

While fighting with Jonny about his graduation day hangover, Sarah was already drinking.

Being secretive about drinking and starting early in the day can both be signs of alcohol addiction.

The Graduation

After graduating from university, Jonny moved back home. But while his studies had stopped, his student lifestyle did not.

The night before his graduation, Jonny ‘nipped out for a couple’ with his friends, but this soon turned into a heavy all-nighter. Jonny’s hangover was so bad that he almost didn’t make the ceremony. Instead of being a moment of pride, he spent the day arguing with his mum and feeling very sorry for himself.

The Wedding

At her daughter’s wedding, Sarah was nowhere to be seen.

Withdrawing from responsibilities or missing important occasions can both be signs of alcohol addiction.

The Wedding

Months later, at his sister’s wedding, what should have been a day to remember for Jonny got a bit hazy after the vows.

Rather than being with his family, he spent most of the day stumbling around and slurring his words to anybody who would listen. At least he had the bruises, photos and Facebook videos to remember the day by.

The Birthday

With Jonny and his friends celebrating together, Sarah headed upstairs to spend another night drinking alone.

Regularly drinking large quantities of alcohol alone can be a sign of alcohol addiction.

The Birthday

On his 22nd birthday, Jonny and his friends planned to celebrate in his house before heading into town for a big night out.

At least, that was the plan. After drinking much too quickly during pre-drinks, he didn’t end up making it out for his own party. He spent his first night as a 22 year old throwing up on the bathroom floor, instead of throwing shapes on the dancefloor.

The New Job

Despite the condition of her son, Sarah was more concerned about getting another drink.

A lack of concern for others or being distracted from surroundings can both be signs of alcohol addiction.

The New Job

When he landed a new job 12 months after graduating, the natural place to celebrate was the pub.

Despite his friends and family coming out to congratulate him, Jonny was more focused on getting his head down by the time last orders rang out. While he ended the night asleep in the pub, he would look back on it as a real eye opener.

In the morning, he realised that something was wrong.


People with an alcohol addiction often have behaviours and traits that others can notice if they know what to look for. Sadly, these signs are often missed, ignored or overlooked.

Asking for help is one of the biggest steps an addict can take, but if you see the signs and start the conversation you can help them take it.