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How to explain anxiety to your child

By Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Priory Group

If a child has anxiety, it can have an effect on their ability to function and enjoy life. We have created a series of illustrations that can help you to explain to a child why anxiety can happen, when it can happen and what they can do if they do feel anxious.

The illustrations can help a child to recognise what is happening to them and understand why they may be feeling a certain way. They can also help you to reaffirm to the child that they are not alone and always have you to turn to.


For further information on how anxiety can start in a young person, how it may present, and how you can help them recover, please read our accompanying blog on childhood anxiety.

You can also read about the treatment that is available at Priory for young people with anxiety on our Anxiety and Young People's Services pages.

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