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At Priory, we want to get things right and we want to make sure that we provide the best possible service. Obtaining your feedback and your ideas on how we can improve our services is really important to us. Please give us your views on the standard of our services, whether you would recommend family or friends to use our services, as well as any areas where you think we could improve by completing the form below. A copy of our ‘Making a Complaint’ guide is available by clicking here.

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Please read this declaration. I would like Priory to review this submission. To the best of my knowledge, everything I have detailed is correct. I understand that, to help resolve the compliment / concern / complaints , you will need to use and keep personal information about me - for example, how to contact me; details about the case and sometimes sensitive personal information; and I understand that Priory might need to collect information about me from the treatment location I've referenced and share that information with other parts of Priory - that may have been / were involved with my complaint or in the interests of resolving it.

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