We are committed to working in partnership with other providers – NHS Trusts/Health Boards, third sector organisations and the independent sector – to provide the best care for our service users. 

85% of Priory Healthcare services are commissioned on behalf of the NHS and other public bodies throughout England. We recognise that collaboration can draw on the various strengths of each organisation and deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

A shared approach

We share a common goal – to improve the quality and experience of care for every individual for whom we care. Key to this are excellent relationships between us, our partner Trusts and Health Boards, the service user, their families and carers and other supporting organisations. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and collaboration to ensure our service users receive the best and most appropriate care. 

 Shared solutions

We have a range of solutions for the delivery and improvement of community services. There are three key areas of support open to our partners – service delivery, service transformation and investment – and solutions are tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

Our close and productive NHS partnerships  give us an in-depth knowledge of the aspirations that Trusts have, and the challenges that can get in the way of achieving those goals.

In partnership, our solutions can range from supporting incumbent providers in delivering services, to transforming the structure, focus and delivery of some or all of a community service. We are experts in the design, transformation and implementation of services of all sizes, within tight timescales and on budget.

We have a strong track record in improving quality outcomes, increasing productivity, improving access and capacity, increasing stakeholder satisfaction, achieving cost savings through quality improvements and strong business process management, strong data analysis and strategic planning to meet growing demands, and delivering higher quality estate through refurbishment and new build.

Shared values and principles

We understand the need to ensure value for money for the services we provide. We emphasise flexibility and personalisation not only in the care we offer, but also in our cost frameworks. Our innovative pricing plans are specifically designed to ensure the purchasing process is easy, efficient and transparent for commissioners

As a group, our values are providing quality, inspiring innovation and delivering value. We live these values, and demonstrate them through all our services.

To find out more Contact Dr Felix Davies, Director of Community Mental Health, to discuss how a community partnership with Priory could help your Trust. Phone 07824 989 656 or email felixdavies@priorygroup.com