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Recovery First Widnes

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Recovery First, in Widnes, is a joint venture between the Priory and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. This unique joint venture will draw on the wealth of experience and expertise of both organisations, to deliver high-quality mental health services at the state-of-the-art Widnes hospital site.

Dedicated provision for men and women

Recovery First is a locked facility and provides care for men and women with complex mental health requirements. The hospital is split into two distinct areas:

Locked male Autism Service for the challenging and complex needs of adults with Autism and Aspergers syndrome

Locked assessment and rehabilitation for women with complex mental health needs and personality difficulties

Our overall aim at Recovery First is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of our service users and to help them develop and maintain healthy relationships with others. Recovery First will work to reduce risk behaviours associated with mental health conditions so that our service users can ultimately live successful and fulfilling lives within the community.

Clinical expertise and positive outcomes

The clinicians who work at Recovery First have many years of experience in this area. Along with Recovery First nurses and therapeutic staff, we will:

  • Improve our service users’ understanding of their needs, behaviour and their interactions with others
  • Help service users to build up effective therapeutic relationships and help them manage psychological distress and risk
  • Help service users to achieve a stable sense of self and enhance their management of their emotions and problem-solving

Both the Priory and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust place safety at the heart of everything they do and this will be the cornerstone of care at Recovery First. There will be a structured pathway, unique to each individual and we will work with them to develop a bespoke treatment plan. These plans will include structured and unstructured therapies which will provide holistic care that treats the whole person – not just the illness.

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Referrals & Admissions

Why choose Recovery First Widnes

The hospital offers a range of facilities and services and expertise encompassing:

  • Best practice approach though the joint venture between the Priory and Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust
  • Close working relationship with the National autistic Society (NAS) who have provided staff training and assisted with the development of the service specification and clinical model
  • Modern facilities which are fit for intended purpose provide comfort, privacy, dignity and safety. Communal facilities include IT suite, gymnasium, cafe and shop.
  • Seclusion facilities on both wards provide safety for more acute periods, preventing the need for transfer to other services during periods of service user acuity and in times of increased challenging behaviour.

Our outcomes

These are just some of the hospital's key outcomes:

  • Reduction in self harming beaviours and aggressive incidents across both services
  • Significant reduction in use of enhanced nursing observations (special duty nursing) with the male service when compared with previous placement
  • Significant increase in service user engagement when compared with previous placement

Referrals to our services

Females with complex needs and personality disorders

We accept females over 18 years of ages who may often have harmed themselves or others and need a level of care in a locked facility to minimise risk. Service users may also have other mental health problems such as anxiety, panic disorders, eating disorders, self harm, substance misuse or bi-polar disorder.

Males with Autistic Spectrum Conditions

We accept males over 18 years of age with a primary diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition or related conditions. We will also help those who have other mental illnesses and those detained under the Mental Health Act.


We will accept referrals from medium secure units, other low secure units, locked or open rehabilitation services, acute and PICU units, adolescent units and community placements.

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