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The Priory Hospital Sturt House - Surrey

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The Priory Hospital Sturt House (formerly Priory Grange Sturt House) is a 21-bedded step down facility for male patients aged 18 years and above. The facility provides specialist assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adult male service users with enduring mental health issues and / or personality disorders, who may have come from secure provision and would benefit from treatment, rehabilitation and recovery in a step-down facility where security is a combination of procedural, relational and physical measures.

Sturt House aims to maximise the quality of life of each individual and provides a range of opportunities for them to re-integrate into the community. Individualised treatment plans are delivered through our three clearly defined care programmes, underpinned by a recovery model approach.

Clinical Services

  • Enduring mental illness
  • Personality disorders
  • Remand/sentenced patients with a history of offending
  • Multiple-diagnosis
  • Individuals detained under Mental Health Act (1983)
  • Mental illness
  • Mental illness combined with physical illness
  • Personality disorders and borderline personality disorders
  • Forensic addictions
  • Psychoses
  • Substance misuse

Environment and facilities

Food Hygiene rating

Users live in their own bright, modern studio apartments with en-suite bathrooms and independent cooking facilities where appropriate. They are encouraged to develop independent living skills, including meal preparation and managing a simple budget.

There are also communal lounges and dining areas. Full residential care and support is also offered for those who require extra help.

Our Services

Our Specialists

Fees and Funding

Referrals & Admissions

The Priory Hospital Sturt House admission criteria

  • Male patients aged 18+
  • Enduring mental health issues, including personality disorders
  • May have forensic histories or addictions
  • Informal or liable to be detained under the Mental Health Act (1983)

The Priory Hospital Sturt House referrals

We accept referrals from a wide variety of public sector organisations throughout the UK, including special hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, courts, LSUs, MSUs, SHA forensic lead commissioners, social services, NHS Mental Health Trusts, GPs, the police and others.

Our secure patients are aged 18 or over (some wards have higher restrictions) and are detained under the Mental Health Act (1983) or have equivalent status. Our patients are made aware of hospital procedures, regulations and restrictions and should agree to abide by them via a written contract prior to admission.

For further information, please contact the admissions office on 01737 817 610 or e-mail: The admissions office then passes the patient's details on to the appropriate consultant psychiatrist.

More Info

Our patients are among the most vulnerable members of society and require sensitive, therapeutic interventions delivered in a healing environment that encourages self-awareness, knowledge and empowerment.

Our clinical services include:

  • Assessment, treatment and management of mental illness and offending behaviour related problems
  • Assertive rehabilitation programme
  • Structured psychological, rehabilitation and occupational therapies
  • Specialist forensic cognitive behavioural therapy delivered through individual, group and drop-in service
  • Development of independent living skills
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Experienced clinical and support staff trained to work with forensic and personality disorder patients
  • Comprehensive risk assessment procedures including HCR-20, START and specialist risk assessment
  • Community-based vocational and educational training
  • Recovery orientated service focused on providing choice and emphasising service user strengths

Care programmes

Virtual supported living accommodation

The Priory Hospital Sturt House offers a unique opportunity to patients who have come through different levels of security and rehabilitation and are now ready to work towards eventual independent living, giving them practical skills to ensure a smooth transition into the community.

Intensive recovery

This pathway is ideal for service users who have histories of failed discharges into the community e.g. breakdown of hostel placements, 'revolving door' clients or had recurrent admissions into the hospital and need an intensive period of rehabilitation and stability prior to discharge. This pathway particularly requires close working with purchasers/stake holders responsible for community resettlement.

Phased recovery

The Priory Sturt House offers an opportunity for patients to step down in security in a male environment. This pathway is ideal for those patients stepping down from higher levels of physical security and is suitable for patients who present with chronic mental health difficulties, vulnerabilities and risks that preclude community resettlement. Patients in this pathway usually require a phased approach to their recovery.

Occupational therapy activities programme

We use a patient-centred approach to treatment. This helps us to improve and maintain the psychological, social, physical and vocational aspects of our patients' lives and to facilitate their transition to living independently within the local community. We place emphasis on the meaning of an activity, rather than the amount of time spent participating in activities. We offer a wide range of practical and social activities, which equip our patients with skills that enable them to develop their existing skills and abilities all the time moving towards greater independence.

The types of activities that we offer cover the following areas:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Leisure pursuits
  • Education
  • Social activities
  • Vocational work
  • Faith pursuits
  • Family/carer involvement

Psychological services

We offer a comprehensive range of psychological assessments and interventions tailored to meet needs of patients presenting with challenging and complex problems. Following an initial assessment, a psychological treatment plan will be devised in conjunction with our multidisciplinary team. Interventions are likely to include both individual sessions and group work, enabling the patient to engage more within the community. This may include interventions around social skills, anxiety management, managing symptoms and personality issues, as well as coping skills and managing emotions. Additionally, more complex assessments are also undertaken related to specific problems such as neurological conditions or post traumatic stress disorder.

Quality and regulation

You can be assured that the treatment patients receive will be of the highest standard, as we are continually monitored by the independent regualtor (the Care Quality Commission) and are benchmarked against the National Service Framework.

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