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Am I addicted to cocaine - the signs and symptoms of addiction

One-time cocaine use can quickly turn into a pattern of misuse, which can lead to cocaine addiction. As its effects are typically intense yet short-lived, this can result in you taking more to re-experience the high, which in turn can cause your body and mind to become so used to cocaine that you build up a tolerance to it.

If you suspect that you are addicted to cocaine, also known as coke, it is time to take action. We have outlined the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction and provided information on the support available at Priory.

We understand that figuring out how to know if you're addicted to cocaine or making the decision to get help is never easy. With our support, you can begin your recovery from cocaine addiction with the upmost care and safety.

Signs of cocaine addiction

If you recognise the following behaviours in yourself, this may suggest that you have developed a cocaine/coke addiction:

  • You are finding that you have to take more and more of the drug to feel the desired effect
  • If you stop using cocaine or reduce your dosage, you feel agitated, restless and depressed
  • You can’t cut down or control how much you take even if you try to
  • You spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to get cocaine
  • You disregard family, friends and work in favour of taking cocaine
  • You are aware of the damage it is doing to you, but you can’t stop taking it

Seeking treatment for cocaine addiction

The first and often most difficult step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem. You need to understand and want to fix the effect that cocaine is having on your physical and psychological health, as well as the impact it is having on your relationships, academic progress or job, finances as well as your ability to lead a productive, satisfying life.

The path you take to recovery will depend on your circumstances. At Priory, we will assess your needs so that you get treatment that will be most effective for you. This may include a combination of the following:

  • Detoxification - you will have the opportunity to rid your body of the drug in a safe, medically assisted environment
  • Residential rehabilitation - with 24 hour care and support, you will receive a combination of therapies to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle where you learn how to cope without drugs
  • Day care - with flexible treatment hours that accommodate your personal and professional responsibilities, this structured and supportive care can be used to promote continued recovery
  • Outpatient therapy - this is where people receive care for their dependency around their life responsibilities. It is also an ideal step-down from day care, where limited ongoing support helps you to transition out of care and re-establish a health, independent lifestyle

With Priory, you will get access to experienced professionals who will be able to provide you with comprehensive and compassionate care so that you can heal from the past harm caused by your cocaine misuse, and remain on your path to recovery.

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