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Karen Stevens
Integrative counsellor
Karen Stevens

Life can be difficult, stressful, anxiety-inducing, traumatic and out of our control.

Through talking therapy, we can give time to our minds and brains. It is common and accepted to visit our doctors for physical symptoms and medical conditions, but very few of us seek support for our mental (mind) health.

Our minds play a powerful part in our general wellbeing, and our psychological health has a huge impact on our daily lives. It can impact how we perceive ourselves, others and life in general. It can impact our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, relationships and ability to function to our full potential.   Our minds can be impacted from events, situations, circumstances from the past or current life difficulties such as separation, bereavement, work/family issues and identity, to name a few.

When we do not attend to our mind, we can easily find ourselves, whether conscious or not, in a situation causing us anxiety, stress, depression and stuck in repetitive negative thoughts, behaviours and patterns.

Karen uses an integrative model, drawing on different concepts from different modalities to explore our minds. She can help people to identify:

  • Issues
  • Repeating patterns
  • Unconscious cognitions
  • Emotional/behavioural triggers

Once identified, a cathartic process can take place, through awareness, understanding, exploring and processing. It can help to understand who we are, why we think the way we think and behave the way do.

Counselling is not always an easy process but can be insightful, healing and life-changing.

It can help us to gain understanding, strategies, coping mechanisms, options, skills and tools to move forward in a more conscious, mindful, positive way.    

Karen works to create an environment that enables you to explore and express your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Sessions are a time for you - time to give to your mind, to understand it, unburden it, for self-reflection, and to be able to make decisions that will enable you to feel more in control of yourself and life.

Karen is enthused to learn and understand the inter-connectedness of the mind and body, and the impact of psycho-somatic symptoms on our overall wellbeing and functioning. She enjoys sharing information and knowledge to support you and your wellbeing.

Position at Priory

CAMHS counsellor


Integrative Counselling Diploma - University of Kent.

Place2Be Training & placement for Children & Adolescents counselling.

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