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Priory Edinburgh clinic expands as demand for mental healthcare rises

The trend highlights continuing concerns over the current economic climate and a lack of job security for employees throughout Scotland. Recent research commissioned by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) revealed that the social and economic cost of mental health problems in Scotland has reached £10.7 billion per year: an increase of nearly a quarter on figures from 2004/05.

To meet the growing demand, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Geoffrey Wolff has joined the multi-disciplinary team at the Priory Edinburgh Consulting Rooms to offer specialist treatment and advice for the growing number of patients with mental health issues, including eating disorders which were recently highlighted during a member's debate at Holyrood.

The Eating Disorder service runs alongside therapy and psychiatric treatment for addictions, depression, anxiety and self confidence issues, which the clinic already provides.

Dr Wolff, who will be working alongside renowned Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Alex Yellowlees and their extended team of therapists from 5 March, said: "Nearly one in six of Scotland's workforce is affected by a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety, and this is reflected in the cost to Scotland's employers of sickness absence due to mental health problems, which now stands at £439 million per year.

This is why we are seeing increasing numbers of people who are seeking quick access to treatment so that they are able to regain normality in their work and social lives as quickly as possible."

Marco Bannerman, hospital director at the Priory Hospital Glasgow and the Edinburgh Clinic said: "Investing in the provision of mental health services for Edinburgh and the surrounding areas is essential to us. The expansion of the Priory Edinburgh Consulting Rooms will complement the range of inpatient services that we offer at the Priory Hospital Glasgow by providing convenient access to vital mental healthcare treatment options locally.

The increasing demand for mental health services is borne out by the figures from the Scottish Association for Mental Health. These reflect a need for high quality, responsive clinical assessment and treatment and we are working hard to ensure our provision meets these needs.

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