Hafifa Habib

Therapist & Trainee Counselling Psychologist (HCPC)


Hafifa Habib is a therapist and trainee counselling psychologist (HCPC) at Priory Wellbeing Centre Birmingham.

Hafifa is an experienced practitioner within the counselling therapeutic sector, having over 10 years of experience within mental health in a variety of organisations including the Education sector, Healthcare and Private settings, having equipped her with several attributes in supporting individuals with their mental health issues.

Hafifa has worked from delivering evidence based practice to young individuals to older adults, who suffer from several issues including anxiety, depression, anger issues, autistic spectrum conditions, and its secondary traits.


Hafifa is currently training as a counselling psychologist on a professional doctorate which is providing her with a wealth of mental health approaches to develop in, such as CBT, Psychodynamic, EMDR and the Person centred approach, and is actively undertaking her own professional research.


  • Bachelors of Honours in Early Years Education Studies
  • Masters of Science in Psychology (GBC)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology
  • Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (HCPC) (Pending)