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Christmas in addiction rehab – putting recovery first

Christmas can be a challenging and dangerous time for people who are struggling with an addiction.

As most people overindulge during the season, this can make drinking, drug taking or other addictive behaviours all the more tempting for people dealing with addictions, where they continue on in the belief that their actions will be less noticeable amongst other people’s merrymaking.

The festive period, with its focus on families and merriment, can also serve as a stark reminder of what a person has lost and the impact addiction has had on their life. The intense thoughts and feelings that surface can leave a person falling further into their addiction in an attempt to drown out their emotions.

If you are looking to put yourself through an Addiction Treatment Programme over Christmas, or want to enquire for a family member or friend, all Priory Group rehabilitation clinics remain open and staffed throughout the entire Christmas period. During this time, we are dedicated to supporting people who are choosing to put their recovery first so that they can get their life back on track.

Christmas within Priory’s Addiction Treatment Programme

All our rehabilitation clinics make sure that over the Christmas period, people are able to focus on their recovery. The teams also work hard to ensure that Christmas isn’t forgotten, where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a festive atmosphere and still spend time with friends and family.

We have spoken to a number of our rehab clinics around the UK to find out what Christmas and the festive period are like for those working through an Addiction Treatment Programme.

Priory Hospital Bristol

Christmas is certainly not forgotten at Priory Hospital Bristol. The team recognise that going through an Addiction Treatment Programme over Christmas can be challenging, so everyone works hard to create a festive and positive atmosphere throughout the month of December.

Ward Manager, Calum, says: “We want people to feel as comfortable as possible during the Christmas period. We recognise that this can be difficult for some people, as it is a time focused on family. So, we work hard to ensure people are supported throughout this period, and we strongly encourage family engagement in treatment. We are here to support people in any way we can.”

Family and friends can visit when they wish, and can also join the team for a Christmas meal. Senior Health Care Assistant, Mandy, says: “We create an environment that is positive, where laughter is the best medicine. We support each other throughout this time, and bring the magic of Christmas to the clinic.”

Any requests for home leave on Christmas Day are also facilitated, where possible, so that people can spend time with their families in a familiar environment. 

For anyone thinking about addiction treatment over the Christmas period, recognising that there is a problem and being willing to put recovery first is highly commendable. Ward Clerk, Claire, reminds everyone: “Don’t let the past steal your present”.

Manor Clinic

On Christmas Day at Manor Clinic, people continue to work through their Addiction Treatment Programme, while also enjoying the festivities of the day. The team keep to a similar routine, so people go through their group morning meditation and have the chance to meet with Manor Clinic alumni to ask questions, seek advice and get words of encouragement.

Christmas Day is on a Wednesday this year. So, like every other Wednesday, people can visit Manor Clinic for their aftercare meeting. This is often a valuable meet-up for those in recovery, providing them with a chance to talk with their peers, receive advice and support for the festive season and ‘check in’ on their recovery.

Throughout the month of December, the team will continue to support everyone in treatment and in recovery as they always do. For those going through an Addiction Treatment Programme, sessions will continue as normal throughout the majority of the month. And for those in recovery, remember that you can pop in for a cup of tea or give the team a phone call – there is always someone available for a chat, no matter what time of year it is.

Life Works

During December, Life Works strive to strike a balance between creating a festive atmosphere and providing people with the time and space that they need to focus on their recovery.

On Christmas Day, the atmosphere is relaxed, and feels more like a weekend. People enjoy visits and phone calls from their family and friends, have a Christmas dinner and hand out little gifts. At the same time, daily group affirmations still take place and people have the opportunity to continue with their step work, as they would on any other day.

During Christmas at Life Works, the team find that people on an Addiction Treatment Programme are dedicated to working on their recovery. They’ve taken the time out so that they can work towards getting themselves back on track.

Priory Hospital Woking

At Priory Hospital Woking, the team know that the festive period can be a very difficult time for people addicted to alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours. It can be challenging for their loved ones too.

Coming into recovery often means learning to celebrate Christmas in a different way, and at Woking, that starts in treatment. With the hospital already decorated for Christmas, the team work hard to make sure that the people working through their treatment programme as well as those in recovery have all the support they could need to make this time as joyful as possible.

Christmas starts with the aftercare group on Christmas Eve – a group that includes people currently working through their treatment programme as well as people in recovery who have gone through the treatment programme in the past year. This meeting acts as an open forum for support around festive events. On Christmas Day, the normal programme continues for people in treatment in the morning, providing them with the chance to get support with difficult feelings during this time. The programme then closes at lunch and patients are welcome to invite their family to join everyone for presents and Christmas lunch.

The team appreciate that this can be a difficult time for the family of people in treatment, so they continue to run their family programme as normal, including evening family support groups on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Christmas is a time of celebration for all of the UK and a chance for those in recovery to celebrate and embrace a new way of life, and the team are here to help every step of the way.

Attending addiction treatment over Christmas

If you would like to find out more about working through an Addiction Treatment Programme over Christmas and the festive period, or want to enquire about a family member of friend, find out more about our locations with rehabilitation clinics.

Each one offers a free addiction assessment, where our team will chat to you to find out more about the addiction and the circumstances surrounding it. The meeting also allows a person and their family to look around the facility and ask any questions.

Following on from the assessment, the team will recommend the most appropriate treatment programme so that your journey to recovery and wellbeing can begin as soon as possible.  

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To support our patients during what can be a difficult time of year, Priory is offering 10% off private addiction and mental health inpatient treatment, for admissions that take place from 16th December to 10th January inclusive. This offer is available for self-paying individuals. Call us on 0800 144 8969  to find out more. T&C's apply.

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