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Getting help for drug addiction

Substance abuse can be split into 'psychological dependence' and 'physical dependence'. There are those who continue chasing their first high based on an initial pleasant experience, or those who develop physical symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, shaking and weight loss or gain, yet persist with their drug use. This is why it's important to learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug addiction. Whether it is cocaine addiction, heroin addiction or any of a wide range of available drugs, seeking help and beginning an addiction treatment programme can help to get your life back on track and begin the addiction recovery process.

GP referral or self-referral

A person can go to their GP to discuss treatment options and work out what they feel is best for them. Their GP can assess the severity of the issue and help to advise on the most appropriate addiction treatment route.

Some people prefer to go directly to a drug addiction treatment facility for advice and most, such as Priory, will accept self-referrals. For anyone who feels they are struggling with a substance abuse issue, Priory offers a free addiction assessment with one of our experienced addiction therapists which can be quickly and easily booked. This gives you the opportunity to discuss treatment options in confidence and helps you to understand the best route towards recovery.

Addiction treatment options

Based upon the results of discussions with a patient, a tailored treatment programme can be put together, designed to tackle the addiction, withdrawal and any underlying conditions. The options may include:

  • Residential rehabilitation – a supportive inpatient environment where a medically-managed drug detoxification can safely take place, and where a specialist multidisciplinary team are available to support a patient’s needs
  • Day care – a step-down programme from residential rehab, where the triggers for addiction can continue to be identified and tackled
  • Outpatient therapy – providing the opportunity to meet with a therapist for assessment and ongoing treatment

All of these options can include many different specialist therapies to get the results that a person is looking for in their journey to beat addiction, and giving them the tools they need to live a more positive life in the future. These include talking therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), amongst others; we offer a wide range of options in drug addiction help. It may be a person has additional mental health challenges; as many as a quarter of Priory patients are also diagnosed with a common mental health condition such as depression. Addiction treatment programmes can also be tailored to combat any accompanying issues in a holistic approach to recovery.

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