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Priory Hospital Ticehurst, has been rated ‘good’ overall and in every category, “are services safe”, “effective”, “caring”, “responsive” and “well led”, by the health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC said, “Throughout our inspection across all wards we observed examples of staff interacting positively with patients and young people in a way that was both respectful and caring. Patients and young people were involved in planning their care and attended weekly community meetings which provided a forum to give feedback about the hospital.”

In their review of acute and psychiatric units, the CQC said: “Staff appeared interested and engaged in providing high quality care to patients. We observed staff interacting with patients in a positive, caring and compassionate way”.

The inspectors went on to say, “We spoke with ten patients during the inspection and received patient feedback on seven comment cards. Patients told us that staff were kind… All patients we spoke with told us they had a range of groups and activities they could attend.”

In their review of the child and adolescent mental health services inspectors said: “We saw numerous examples of staff interacting with the young people on the ward with kindness, respect and empathy. Staff treated the young people with compassion demonstrating a caring attitude and approach.”

They went on to say, “Young people told us that staff always had the time for them and would stay with them as long as needed to provide emotional support and encouragement.”

The report mentioned how patients from across all services have access to the full multi-disciplinary team including nurses, psychologists, social workers, family therapist, consultants and occupational therapists. The hospital has good links with external agencies to ensure good planning and support particularly for the Young People.

The hospital will soon open new wards and are looking to recruit a range of nursing, clinical and support staff. They are holding an open day on 18 August. Prospective employees should first contact the HR department at the hospital on 01580 200391.

Priory Hospital Ticehurst is located in Ticehurst, near Wadhurst, in East Sussex. It offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services for adults, adolescents and children in a welcoming environment to support their mental health and wellbeing. Patients are supported by our team of expert mental health consultants and therapists.

Sarah Holmes-Smith, Hospital Director, said, “This is a really good report. We have achieved a lot here by all the clinical and support staff working together and it’s great that we are now rated ‘good’ in all categories, across all wards and services. I want to thank my staff team for working so hard and only accepting the highest standards of treatment and care.”

Martin Lyne, Managing Director for the South region at Priory Healthcare, said: “I really appreciate all the great work Sarah and her team are doing at Ticehurst. They always strive for excellence. Thank you to everyone, including our patients, for making Ticehurst really successful at what it does.”

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