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Priory is pleased to announce it has opened its first high street clinic in Oxford.

The Wellbeing Centre, in New Inn Hall Street, is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and provides therapy and treatment for conditions including depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, eating disorders, addictions and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

  • The centre will offer expert treatment to children and adults
  • More than a quarter of Britain's students (27%) report having a mental health problem, according to a YouGov survey
  • Three quarters of those say that 'depression' best describes it
  • Official launch coincides with Time to Talk Day on February 2nd, encouraging people to have a conversation about mental health

Time to Talk Day

The official launch of the clinic coincides with this year’s Time to Talk Day (Thursday February 2nd) in which people are encouraged to break the silence about mental health and start conversations about it. This year's theme is focusing on how positive conversations about mental health change lives, and urging people to start up a conversation, whatever the hour, on Time to Talk Day itself.

For example, employees with mental health issues face a lack of support and discrimination:

  • Over half of workers with mental health issues believe there is inadequate support
  • There is a desire for wellness initiatives (45%), flexible working (40%), clearer policies (35%) and more open discussions about mental health (34%)
  • People with mental health issues are twice as unhappy at work as those without
  • Discrimination in the workplace is double for those with mental health issues

In the run up to Time to Talk Day, research from has found 51% of employees with mental health issues think there is currently not enough support in the workplace. Employees with mental health issues are on average twice as unhappy at work than coworkers who do not face such health issues: 26% compared to a mere 13%.

Employees with mental health issues selected wellness initiatives (45%), clearer policies (35%) and more open discussions (34%) as solutions to this disparity. There was also a desire for funding for external support (25%) and regular HR consultations (21%).

This is only one example of why we need to have more conversations about mental health, but it's also an example of where Priory Wellbeing Centres can help those who have lacked support or someone they can talk to.

Fast access to services

The Priory Group has invested more than £300,000 in the centre which will be staffed by consultant psychiatrists, psychologists and a range of individual, group and family therapists.

It offers fast access to affordable assessment and treatment for young people via its specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), and student support services. It takes referrals from individuals, GPs and schools, and accepts self-funding patients and those with health insurance. Too often, people do not realise their health insurance will cover a mental health assessment and treatment.

Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, Clinical Director of Priory Group's Wellbeing Centres and Priory Group's Associate Medical Director, is part of the Oxford Wellbeing Centre team, and specialises in psychiatry for young people.

Dr van Zwanenberg has worked with children and adolescents with a variety of mental health difficulties, some with complex school and home situations, resulting in positive outcomes. She brings vast knowledge and experience to support patients.

She said; "It is a pleasure to be able to assess and treat young people in the Wellbeing Clinics especially in Oxford where there has been a need for some time. Assisting young people to recover swiftly from mental illness and to learn strategies that will serve them well throughout their life is very rewarding.

"Our ethos has always been to promote the importance of early assessment and diagnosis. This stops unnecessary suffering for children, adolescents and their families. We hope that by offering a friendly and discreet service that is accessible and convenient, we can play an active part in supporting all our patients towards a better quality of life and long-term recovery."

Research conducted by the Education Policy Institute's Independent Commission on Children and Young People's Mental Health in November found that a quarter of young people seeking mental health care are turned away by specialist services because of a lack of resources. Waiting times for treatment in many areas are long.

Dion Webster, Manager of the Oxford Wellbeing Centre, added: "Priory's Wellbeing Centres have proven incredibly popular and valuable. In London, assessments of new patients more than doubled between 2015-6, increasing by 106%, and we are pleased to be able to provide an accessible and much needed resource for those who need us."

This opening of the Oxford Wellbeing Centre is the latest in a series of Wellbeing Centres we have launched, in Birmingham, Southampton, Canterbury, Aberdeen, Edinburgh Greater Manchester and London.

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