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Professor Janet Treasure discusses eating disorders at Priory Hospital Glasgow

Professor Janet Treasure, OBE PhD FRCP FRCPsych, visited Priory Hospital Glasgow on the 7th October 2016 and shared some of her thinking and experiences with the hospital’s eating disorder staff, as well as a group of NHS eating disorder practitioners. Priory Hospital Glasgow currently has the largest eating disorder unit of its kind in Scotland and provides high quality care for its patients.

Professor Treasure has specialised in the treatment of eating disorders at the South London and Maudsley Hospital and held an academic post at King's College London for the majority of her career. The unit continues to be one of the premier European academic centres for eating disorders. She is considered a genuine authority in her subject matter and she was made a professor of psychiatry in 2000 and awarded an OBE for her work in eating disorders in 2013.

She has also written a book for carers to share her expertise and understanding (Treasure et al., 2007) and her co-author Grainne Smith also attended the Priory Hospital Glasgow event.

In January 2015, Priory Hospital Glasgow was awarded the Priory's 'Site of the Year'. This is representative of the hospital's strong clinical reputation, based upon the quality of its care and the expertise available through its staff. Events such as this allow Priory's staff exposure to a diverse and rich wealth of experience from people who are at the top of their field. These opportunities are a great way to broaden the team's own knowledge base, and strengthen the assertion that we at Priory are always seeking to improve our services to be the very best they can be.

It is for the reasons highlighted here that inviting people with the stature of Professor Treasure is such a positive for our staff. Her research has led to greater understanding of, and better treatments for anorexia and bulimia. Much of her research focusing on the development of new treatments has been carried out collaboratively with, and often inspired by, patients and their families.

Priory Hospital Glasgow would like to thank everyone who attended the event and hope everyone was able to take as much from it as they did.

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