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Anxiety And Sweating Thumbnail
The link between anxiety and sweating

Exploring why feeling anxious can lead to sweating, and what you can do about it.

Bipolar disorder and anger thumbnail ISTOCK.jpg
How to get a bipolar disorder diagnosis

Discover the process for diagnosing bipolar disorder, detailing the procedures during a bipolar evaluation and potential…

How Long Does Depression Last Thumbnail
How long does depression last?

We answer key questions on how long depression, depressive episodes and depression treatment can be expected to last.

Go Sober For October Thumbnail ISTOCK
Are you going Sober for October?

More people have been drinking heavily over the COVID-19 pandemic. Could Go Sober for October help you to re-evaluate yo…

Preconception counselling thumbnail ISTOCK.jpg
How to find a therapist

Providing helpful tips on how to find a suitable therapist in the UK.

Reading Medication Thumbnail
Mixing antidepressants and alcohol

Exploring the connection between antidepressants and alcohol.

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