Priory Education and Children’s Services and Middle East Divisions become Aspris

Aspris is the new name for Priory Education and Children’s Services and Middle East, as divisions separate from the Priory Group to form a new standalone company providing high quality, cost-effective services focusing on delivering the best possible outcomes for children, young people and adults.

Aspris will be led by Trevor Torrington, former Chief Executive Officer of the Priory Group. The management team also includes Ryan Jervis, Chief Financial Officer and Tina Walton, Chief Service Officer alongside Divisional Chief Operating Officers for Children’s Services and the Middle East, Chris Strong and Will Goodwin.

As an independent company Aspris will continue to invest to support children, adults and patients, while providing high quality support to partners and funders. The name ‘Aspris’ is inspired by two Latin phrases which reflect the journey through which we support many children and adults that use our services, as they work through their challenges and hopefully achieve their full potential:

“Ad astra per aspera” – through hardships to the stars 
“Dulcius ex asperis” – sweeter after difficulty

Trevor Torrington, CEO of Aspris, said: “We are passionate about transforming people’s lives through quality education and tailored health and care solutions. As an organisation dedicated to providing for young people in the UK and a wider population in the Middle East, Aspris will continue our long-held mission to support the individuals in our care to achieve their full potential.”

About Aspris

Aspris is a leading specialist education, residential care and healthcare provider, with a focus on serving children in the UK and Middle East’s wider population. Our Children’s Services currently operate 99 schools, colleges and residential care homes in the UK, with our Middle East operations including wellbeing centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in addition to a specialist school and training college in Abu Dhabi.

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